10 Most Profitable Blog Ideas For Nigerians(Hot Niches For Beginners 2019)

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Finding the right blog ideas or Niches to start blogging about is one of the major challenges that every blogging newbie or beginners usually encounter.

We all know that this is the most important part of the decision making when wanting to start a blog, because if you get it wrong by picking the wrong blog ideas or Niche, then you are on the fastest lane to failure.

It’s so heartbreaking and frustrating after choosing the blog ideas that you think is right for you without proper research, just to find out that the Niche you went after is either oversaturated, not profitable and has a low-interest and after all the hard work you must have put into it.

Selecting the right blog ideas or Niche at the onset is very paramount to your blogging success. That is why I have done some research to come up with a list of hot and Profitable blog Ideas that any newbie or beginner can choose from and begin their blogging journey.

Below is the 10 List of Hot Profitable blog ideas for a beginner in 2019.

1: Sport and Betting blog.

Are you a sports lover, knowledgeable and passionate about everything that concerns sports? Are you regularly following up with the latest News and events that are circulating around the sports world? Do you think that you are good at predicting sporting games?.

If your answer to those question above is yes, then you have just found yourself a goldmine. Why? Because sport is huge in Nigeria. But surprisingly, it is still fully an untapped blog idea or Niche. So you get in front of this audience, by choosing a sport of your choice, analyze matches and write about players, and predict games.

With this can of the blog, your best monetization option will be the sell of ad spaces, running of Adsense and selling of betting Odds if you are Good at it.

2: Small business ideas:

The lookout for profitable small businesses ideas has been in the rise due to the current hash economy reality of Nigeria by people who have suffered losses of jobs, mass entrenchment, lack of job security and even those who are not happy with their current job, in a bid to achieve financial independence.

But the one major challenge faced by this set of people is that they are bit confused as to which lucrative business that they and start. The Reason for that is because they are working class set of people and have very little to no knowledge about the small businesses opportunity available in Nigeria.

Get in front of this loyal audience by researching, blogging and proving quality and valuable information about the current small business opportunity that is available in Nigeria.

Your blog can feature a list of information on how to start, manage and grow a small business. List of different small business and their range of capital startup. How to source for small business loans or raise funds for their business.

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Your option of monetization with this kind of blog will be to create a well-researched ebook offering valuable information about how to effectively start and grow a small business into an empire, and also how to raise funds to get started immediately. You can also run Adsense, sell ads space and render consultation service to these people only if you know your onions well.

3: Fashion blog.

Fashion is a very big industry with a massive passionate audience in these blog ideas looking for tips to look great. As a saying goes, “looking good is good business”.

This Niche is very broad, but majorly into two categories. One is the;

  • Men fashion
  • Women fashion.

So are you a fashionista, do you have a great sense of fashion, don’t let it waste. There are millions of Nigerians searching for fashion tips online monthly on different trending styles.

You can begin a blog, targeting one of the categories above. And start blogging about the trending, latest design and styles in the fashion world in Nigeria.

You know how crazy Naija babes could be about fashion, and there are not enough blog to meet this demand. You can monetize by selling physical product on Amazon, Jumia, and Konga. Running Adsense and selling of ads spaces.

4: Job Searching Tips blog.

With the current high unemployment rate in Nigeria, there are millions of graduate coming out of the university on a yearly basis, and entering into the labor market with no hope of getting a Job.

Owing to the fact that there are no jobs to go round, some graduate is just not employable. Why? Because many of them are not qualified for the job the go around looking.

They are always rejected when they go for an interview because of the carrier about a very poorly written CV.

You will make a killing if you begin to blog and teach this graduate thing ranging from tips of how to boost their chances of getting a dream job, To how to write awesome CV’s, to how to pa properly prepare for an interview aptitude test.

There are only a few blogs doing this right now, so this is a great time to get started blogging about it, only if you are passionate on this topic. You can monetize this type of blog selling ads spaces to job advertisers, running of Adsense, Rendering CV and Cover letter writing services etc.

5: Latest smartphone blog

The current technology revolution behind these smartphones has really come and swept off the feet of everyone including me. The love for these smartphones by the older and younger people have really increased drastically over the years.

Hence, the demand for these devices is on the rise. Million of Nigeria are looking for tips ranging from the best deals, best prices, how to identify a quality smartphone and tip to use these devices properly.

You can create a blog and begin providing this information to attract these set of people. Monetizing this kind of blog will be via promoting of smartphones on Amazon, Jumia and Konga, Running Adsense, and also selling of Ads spaces on your blog.

6: Makeup/ Beauty blog.

This blog idea is very hot but mostly suitable to the female folks, We all know how females are so crazy about how they look, especially when it comes to making up and hair making. These are the heartbeats of the women’s. With the way females go about making up themselves these days, with varieties of different makeup kit available at their disposals, you can hardly differentiate between beautiful and ugly females. Lol, no offense, please.

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These blog ideas or Niche will be very profitable to any female aspiring blogger that is very knowledgeable in this Niche.

You can create a blog teaching your fellow females audience tips of how to make up properly, the latest make up kits in the market, best eyelashes, and so on.

Go on social media and attract this set of people to your blog and huge them in becoming loyal readers.

Your best means of monetizing this kind of blog is by selling your imported female products from aliexpress ranging from makeup kits, different types of wigs like Brazilian, India, Peruvian and original woman hairs.

Selling ads spaces on your blog to directly to advertisers, running of Adsense or selling your own ebooks teaching females skills of how to become a makeup artist.

7: Dropshipping/E-commerce blog.

This blog idea is very hot and new. Drop shipping is a very new niche in Nigeria right now, people are just been introduced into the concept of dropshipping. As am talking to you now, there I haven’t seen any blog talking about this niche.

So if you can research deep into this niche, gather your findings and start blogging about this niche, you will build large loyal followers immediately in the shortest possible time frame.

blog ideas

Your blog can feature tips ranging from how to set up an online store, to selecting the best dropship product, to find good trustworthy suppliers and best methods of promoting online store for maximum sales.

Method of monetizing this blog will be. Offering an online store setup service if you are a web developer, selling your ebook on simplification the drop shipping process for beginners, running Adsense and selling ads spaces.

8: Scholarship And Admission blog.

With the high amount of students coming out of secondary schools Nationwide in Nigeria and looking to gain admission into the tertiary institutions, plus millions of jambites looking for admission and scholarship opportunities abroad. Has created an opportunity for bloggers to tap into this niche by getting in front of this desperate audience and start blogging about things like Tips to gaining admission into any university of your choice, how to pass your jamb with a high score, jamb past question answers, how to gain scholarships abroad and so on. If you get it right in this niche, this audience will make you some serious money and will love you for it.

Monetizing this blog will be by running Adsense, selling ads spaces. Placing sponsored post and so on.

9: weight loss blog.

This Niche is an evergreen one, why I said so is because people are becoming more and more aware of the huge risk of caused by being overweight and obese.

And for that reasons, many are seeking for advice and tips on natural techniques that can help them lose weight and keep feet.

Weight loss blog ideas is a very lucrative one with the already made audience waiting for your new tips that they can put into work and start seeing results.

Create a blog around this niche, do your proper keyword research, your blog should feature blog posts like 7 tips to lose weight fast in a month, Natural remedies that will burn your body fats immediately, how to get flat Tummy in a week with this proven strategies.

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You can monetize this kind of blog with affiliate product from Clickbank, a physical product from market health, sell your ebooks, run Adsense and also sell ads spaces.

10: Tech tutorials blog

As technology keeps revolving, Nigerians are not left out of the train because they also abound with the tech-based product and services that are enjoyed every day all around the world. Even though most of this product and services are easy to operate to some extent, many still find it difficult to handle them when things get out of hands sometimes

That is why many go online in search of tips and advice on how to solve such numerous problems ranging from how to use their WIFI hotspot on a feature on their smartphone, to how to configure some settings on their phones and some apps, how to recharge their satellite TV credits, to how to use the various online payment platforms to pay their bills and so on.

You are passionate about anything tech or you are a tech-savvy, You can create a blog helping this set of people in solving their problems. And the will be grateful for this.

Once your tech blog starts to bring in decent traffic, you can monetize it by selling ebooks, running contextual ads, Offering your freelance services, also selling your ads space to advertisers.

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Now that you have discovered the 10 hot blog ideas for 2019 that can work for anyone in Nigeria. So if you have been thinking of starting a blog or any online business but don’t have an idea of which option to choose from, I quite convinced that this report will help you make an informed decision.

I love Entertainment and Celebrity gist blog ideas, can I follow my passion and blog about them.

Haaa, passion is not the case in this Niche. Just go and ask Lindaikeji or Bella Naija when they started blogging.

That niche is oversaturated, when people had the success of bloggers like Linda Ikeji and the likes, every dick and Harry went into blogging about entertainment and celebrity gist. Please stick to the Niches that are lucrative and profitable and I can assure you that you will get your cute of the pie if you stay focus, consistent and determine.

Ok, Now I have Chosen a blog Idea, What’s the next Step?

Good, now that you have chosen the blog ideas that you seem fine for you, the next step will be to step up you well set up and optimized blog to make the whole journey very easy, which will be the platform that you are going to use to establish yourself as an authority and show your knowledge or expertise.

I strongly advise that you start off right with a self-hosted WordPress blog on WordPress.org.

The Blogger blog really has so many limitations, considering the fact that you can lose your blog any time without any notice.

If you want to save yourself from the stress or time of creating one yourself, get in touch with me via my contact page or email and request for a free blog setup service.

So now, which blog ideas do you think will fit your kind of person, drop your answers below using the comment box, also drop your question and feedbacks I will try my best to reply to them all.



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