What is Keyword Research? ( +3 Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools)

Keyword Research is one of the most important parts in the process of content creation, that must first be considered, that is if you want your content to be fully optimized for search engine result page or rank well on search engines.

Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

The importance of first conducting keyword research in other to improve your search ranking and bring in the right audience that is fully interested in your content can never be overemphasized.

But trying to understand the whole SEO (Search engine optimization) processes can really be very frustrating sometimes, most especially for beginners.

Interestingly, the idea behind keyword research is actually straightforward. The truth is that you don’t have to be an expert in SEO in other to start making maximum use of keywords and begin to see them work for you.

In this article, I will be going into an in-depth basis of keywords and keywords research and how the can go a long way in helping you succeed in your business.

But first of all, you may be wondering what keywords really means right? Ok, let me explain.

What Do Keywords And Keyword Research Really Means?

Well, according to the definition of Wikipedia I quote “ Keywords (internet search), a word or phrase typically used by bloggers or online content creators to rank a web page on a particular topic.”

Why I quoted Wikipedia is just for you to have a clear picture of what keywords mean.

But in my own definition, understanding, and experience in the use of keywords, I will say that keyword is simply the search strings, words, words phrases, and buyers intent that users all around the world use to search for products, questions and answer to their problems.

While keyword Research is an SEO act that Bloggers, online marketers, digital marketers, agency or professionals use to research and find those profitable buyers intents or other related search terms that users type into the search engine when searching for product reviews, answers to a particular problem or some similar subject matter.

Same is true with any time you go on a search engine search box and type in a word or phrase on Google or Bing, that means that you are using keywords to look for relevant information, images, videos, or podcast.

In a nutshell, keywords are just those search terms that we input into the search engine whenever we’re are in dear need for solutions, answers, knowledge in a particular subject or topic, product reviews, and services.

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There is no doubt that organic search plays a major role in attracting new customers your way and helps your business grow.

So for that reason, you will want to rank high for those search terms that you know your audience is searching for.

To achieve that, you definitely need to send signals to these search engines letting them know that you have high-quality content your potential clients or customers are in need of.

By intentionally placing these keywords within your contents, on your website page, and in your posts.

The proper practice of utilizing keywords within your content makes it easier for a search engine to actually know what your blog contents are all about.

So while trying to impress the search engine in other to attract their attention towards your blog, you must have your audience at the back of your mind and remember that you are not only writing for the search engine alone but also for your audience to keep them informed and engaged at the same time by providing quality information that makes sense to them.

How Search Engine Works To Help You In Your Marketing Efforts.

Search engines act as the middlemen between you and your ideal targeted audience.  Yes, we know that Search engines like Google are Intelligent and are getting smarter every day doesn’t mean that they know you have the solutions to the need of your audience.

The most they can do is to take these keywords or rather keywords phrases that your customers are using to perform those search to pull out relevant results from their database.

What this simply means is that you need to always perform your keyword research properly in other to ascertain and be very specific with the kind of keywords that your audience is going to be using to locate you.

Know Your Audience and Alway Practice Proper Keyword Research.

By always practicing proper keyword research and also paying attention to your customers on social media networks, you will be very conversant and also get to discover what kind of language that uses to search for the type of product or service that you provide. Knowing your audience very well will help you know which keywords really matters the most.

With all the above being said, one can’t really determine how to actually identify these keywords unless proper keyword research is been practiced always.

Types Of SEO Keywords Or Phrases You Must Know About

  1. There are basically two types of keywords or keyword phrases that are been used by your ideal customer to local you or your business.
  1. Short tail keywords
  2. Long tail keywords
  • Short tail keywords;
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This is a single word type of keywords that are very broad and contains different types of audience.

For example, let say that you are writing about “Techno Android smartphones”. But then when you are doing your keyword research, you found out that the search string “smartphones” has many massive users searching using that search term.

Then what comes to your mind is that since you are writing about Techno Android smartphones and these users are searching for smartphones that you have found a goldmine keyword, then you begin to use the keyword in creating your content.

I will confidently tell you that you will fail woefully and that your content won’t attract the right audience your way because of the keywords being used is not specific.

  • Long tail keywords;

 They are a group of word phrases, and they are what I call the juicy types of keywords, why? Because these types of keywords are laser targeted to a specific group of audiences, they are buyers keywords, they are a money making a type of keyword because they are very specific.

The users that use this kind of keywords are users that are in need of a specific product or service. Using the example above, long tail keyword users is those who search for terms like types of Techno smartphone, current techno prices.

Using longtail keywords will ensure that you quickly connect to your ideal audience on time.

To perform this keyword research, you will definitely need the tools involved in this process.

There are two types of Keyword research tools and they are;

  • Paid Tools
  • Free Tools.

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Paid tools are a great kind of tools that automates the whole process of keyword research, they are very helping in generating and analyzing profitable keywords for you, but one of the cons with this paid tools is that most of our very expensive and will be difficult for beginners who have little to no budget to subscribe for the service.

Examples of these paid tools are Moz, Ahref, Semrush and also longtail pro.

But for the sake of newbies and beginners, I will be taking my time to discuss the best free tools that are available to anyone and with the same potential of that of the paid tools, and how to use them.

List Of The 3 Free Keyword Research Tool

  1. Keyword every
  2. Google keyword planner
  3. Ubersuggest (brought to you by one of the most generous gurus online that practices what he preaches) Neil Patel.
Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

Keyword everywhere is a chrome extension that you have to install from the chrome web store onto your chrome browser extension bar for free.

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What it does is that anytime you on Google and make a search using a keyword, keyword everywhere will pull up a list of keywords based on their popularity. It will show you the monthly searches a keyword gets, and how much advertisers are bidding on that keyword. See the example in the picture below.

Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

This tool is one of the powerful keyword research tool provided by google themselves. This keyword tool give you more insight to how good and profitable a keyword is.

For example, it gives you the average monthly searches, how competive a keyword is, and how much an advertisers are currently bidding on every keywords. Google keyword planner gives your more idea of how profitable a keyword is for your business.

To start using google keyword planner, just google “google keyword planner’ click on the exact result and use a Gmail account to create an account that is if you don’t have one already.

Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools

Please alway ensure that you stay clear off the keyword that has high competition and also a keyword that has $0 bidding on it.

This keyword too is the bomb, ubersuggest is a newly deveolped keyword tool by a world renowed SEO expert and internet guru, Neilpatal.

This tool has numerous functions that I can explain all on this piece of post. But the part that I like most about this tool is that it tells you how well you are likely to rank or not rank for the keyword that you intended working with. see example below.

Best Free SEO Keyword Research Tools


Having the righ knowledge of SEO and putting them into proper practices can be very profitable, even though that at the initial stage of SEO implementation, result may not be instant, but at the long run, you will thank your stars for allowing you implement and use SEO strategies into your business.

Now that you know what keywords and keyword research mean, if you have been ignoring to explore the use of keywords into your contents, then i think that you are missing out big time, and now is the right time to begin making use of keywords in your content creations.

Because the right use of keywords means more free quality traffics. Now you have it, Over to you.

From the free keyword tools that i mention above, what other keywords Tools do you make use of that you think i could have mention that is missing from this list? Please drop your answer below using the comment box, so that others will learn.

Thanks for reading.


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