9 Must-Used Free Blogging Tools For Beginners.

As a new blogger, making use of these free blogging tools is a must.

This blogging tool help in maximizing your productivity and profitability as a new blogger.

Well, the truth is that without the proper use of these blogging tools, you may not go far in your blogging business.

There are many amazing blogging tools out there that help to facilitate blogging activities and makes it profitable, which include both Paid and free blogging tools.

free blogging tools

I know that as a beginner in the blogging business, you may want to cut down the cost to the barest minimum in other to meet up.

And may not have the money for paid blogging tools now.

For that reason, I want to reveal the top 9 blogging tools that have really helped me in my blogging journey.

And the best part of it is that these tools are absolutely free to use.

Most of the tools are basically meant to help in the areas of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), content creation and content ideas generator.

So without much talking, let’s get down to it.

9  Important Most Use blogging Tools for Optimum Productivity.

  1. Google Keyword Planner;

Google keyword planner is a free blogging tool made available by Google for its an adword platform.

 Blogging Tools

The tool is used for carrying out keyword research by adword advertisers to determine the profitability of a keyword.

Google made the tool free to anyone who wants to use it.

You will need a Gmail account to be able to create an AdWords account.

   2. Ubersuggest;

Ubersuggest is such an awesome tool created by internet marketing Icon. Neil Patel.

 Blogging Tools

This tool is such a sophisticated keyword research tool.

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Ubersuggest analysis a seed keyword and brings out related longtail keywords which are great for ranking.

This tools also tells you how easy or difficult it is to rank for a keyword.

Ubsrsuggest is absolutely free to use.

  3. Grammarly,

Grammarly is a Google Chrome extension tools that enhance your writing activities.

 Blogging Tools

It’s helps in checking your spellings, grammar, puntuation marks and choose of words while you are typing.

It’s has a paid version.

If you’re like me that makes lots of mistakes while typing, then I think you need to start making use of this tool now.

Silly mistakes like, mispelling can hurt the credibility of your blog or website.

   4. Google Analytics;

When working on growing your blog traffic, you will definitely need a tool to track the progress of the traffic coming into your blog.

 Blogging Tools
 Blogging Tools

That is where Google Analytics comes into play.

Google analytics is a web analytics service made available by Google to measure and track the traffic coming into a blog or website.

With this tool, you will be able to monitor the amount of traffic coming into blog, from which location the came from, what action did they take on your blog.

Google analytics will really go along way in helping you track your progress.

   5. SeoReviewTools;

I decided to add this tool to the list because it has help me improve my blog SEO i many ways.

 Blogging Tools

Seoreviewtools.com is a website with several SEO tools ranging from content ideas generator, keyword research, plagiarism checker, backlink builders, broken link cheaker and so on.

The website contain many SEO valuable tools to help you in the process of optimizing your blog.

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If you are not utilizing the tools contained on Seoreviewtools.com, then you are missing out a lot i most say.

  6. Keyword Everywhere;

Keywordeverywhere is also a google chrome keyword reserve extension.

 Blogging Tools

What this tool does is that, once you install in on your Google chrome browser extension, and you make a search on Google using a keyword.

It’s will bring out alternative keywords according to their search volume per month, their CPC (Cost per click) and its competition.

It functions just like Google keyword planner. I later discover that this tools fetches it data from Google keyword planner itself.

But it’s such a great handy extension tools that you can use to conduct keyword research on the go, with having to log into any account.

   7. Google doc;

Google doc is a word document that you can install on your smartphone from playstore or install the chrome extension.

 Blogging Tools

With this tools, i can work anywhere that I find myself.

I virtually type all my documents on my smartphone using google doc. It’s a very advance word document too that has speak recognition software build in.

Which means, you can speak out what you want to pen down, it will recognize what you’re saying and translate it to text.

   8. Answer The Public;

Answer the Public is a website that help you to discover new content ideas or topics to write about.

 Blogging Tools

The gather together most of the questions ask by people globally.

When you type in a keyword, it will bring out a diagram of question ask by people.

This are targeted blog contents ideas that your can start writing about by answering those questions.

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   9. Google Search Console;

This is Yet another great tool that belongs to Google.

 Blogging Tools

This tool was created for webmasters to use and connect their websites or blog to google search engine, for Google bots to be able to crawl their website.

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This tool was initially called webmaster tools.

For a blog to appear on the search engine, you need to first connect it to Google search console first.

Wrapping up.

For any new blogger to really wants to succeed in blogging business, must need to use this tools.

This blogging tools has helped me a lot, and i believe that it will also help anyone to maximize their blogging activities.

Now over to you,

Do you think there are some other free great tools that is missing from this list?

Drop your answer is the comment box below lets learn new stuffs together.

Thank you for reading.

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