Hey There!  I’m, 

Lucky Arthur Kaine.

I’m in my “Mid-twenties” Cool-Headed and a nice guy.

I’m A Web designer, Professional digital marketer, Affiliate Marketer, and A blogger.

I Virtually Earning All my living Online with My Laptop and Smartphone. And I can work from anywhere I find myself, Once there is Power Supply and a Reliable Internet Connection. How Sweet is that?

But They Journey Has Really Not Bein Smooth Because Venturing into the Internet Business atmosphere Is just like Walking Into A large No Mans Land.

which without proper Guidance and the right information, it can really be overwhelming and confusing, because of what I call “information overload”.

I have Gained Three years of Experience in Online business working for Netfirm  Information and Technology As Their Content and Blog Manager.

I have A number of Online businesses Under My Belt, Including AffiliateincomeInfo. And I make all my living online.

I never had the opportunity to acquire A University degree. Nevertheless, I fought my way to acquire A  Well recognized ICT Certificate in the areas of Digital Marketing and Web design with WordPress.

Being A Netprenuer it not easy just like any other brick and Mortar business out there. I have failed and succeeded in so many areas

 trying to figure things all by myself. Trying to know what works and what doesn’t. 

So my Aim with this blog is to help so many people from all around the world Achieved their dreams, and helping them set up a successful online business and make money online.

Am here to Share my knowledge on what I have learned from my past experiences in the Areas that I have failed and succeeded.

So that you will be informed and know what works and what doesn’t. And be able to make the right well informed decisions.

I try to be as honest and Realistic as possible in sharing my

 knowledge, experiences, and things relating to my online businesses. I share practical stuff that is currently working that you can implement and start seeing the result. 

I hate Negative mindsets and laziness, If you most make it online, then you have to fold up your long sleeves up like Obama and get down to work without excuses.

And this blog is the platform that I intend to use and teach you how to do just that.

Does this sound interesting to you? If yes, then just bookmark this blog and stay glued to it.

And I strongly believe that absolutely anyone or anybody irrespective of your background, Skillsets or Knowledge can achieved more or even surpass what I have achieved.

Thank you.