How To Find The Best Clickbank Products To Promote In 2019

Finding the right Clickbank products is the first step towards successful sales.

When it comes to the Affiliate Network to finding great products to promote for mouth-watering commissions, Clickbank is the NO.1 go-to place for affiliate marketers.

Clickbank is among the oldest and top Networks in the digital products industries, with thousands of vendors listing great digital Clickbank products with high paying commissions for an affiliate to promote and make money.

It’s no surprise to see many people talking about how to make money selling digital Clickbank products because the actual truth is that people are really making money on selling Clickbank products.

 Best Clickbank Products

But to make money promoting digital products, you need to find a product that has proven to be in demand.

That is, people are currently spending money on it.

And there is no actual place to find the best Clickbank products than going to Clickbank itself.

In this guide, I will work you through the step by step on how to find the best Clickbank products that are hot in demand for maximum sales.

How to find the best hot in demand Clickbank products that sales like hotcakes.

In a few steps, I will show you the simple trick to use and spot hot Clickbank products that other affiliates are currently selling and making great commissions from.

Step 1;

First of all, You need a functional Clickbank account for you to log in and Find the best Clickbank products.

You don’t know how to create one? Watch the video tutorial on how to create one below. And click here to create an account with Clickbank

Step 2;

You have successfully created your account? If yes, congrats.

Log into your account. Once you are log into your account, locate the marketplace and click on it, you will see the entire product categories of the various Niches.

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 Best Clickbank Products

Now, the Clickbank products to select will depend on the Niche you have in mind to target or the Niche that you are currently in especially if you are a blogger.

But if you are new to Affiliate marketing, I will advise you to target the three most profitable and evergreen Niches, which are:-

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  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationship.

They are the widely known and most relevant Niches to the broader audience.

For the sack of this guide, let’s stick to the Wealth Niche. I love money making topics. Lols! But who on earth doesn’t like money? Raise up your hands. ???

Step 3.

Under the wealth Niche, we have sub – Niches, like E-business & E-marketing, Investment&Business,  and so on. Let’s go for


Now click on it, and it will take you to the list of Clickbank products page. Here you will find many products, that if you don’t know the rules of finding good Clickbank products, you will end up picking crappy products.

 Best Clickbank Products

Step 4;

The next thing to do is at the top, you will see a search box, with some search scores. Ranging from product popularity, Average dollar sales, gravity, etc.

 Best Clickbank Products

But, we are going to be using the gravity score to search for the best Clickbank products.

What is GRAVITY? you may want to Know.

Gravity is the number of products that were successfully sold in a particular month.

Gravity is the score used to know how well a product is performing in the market.

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The higher the number of gravity a product have, the better the chances of it selling well.

So let’s continue.

In the search box, set it to gravity and click on the tiny box that says from High To Low.

 Best Clickbank Products

Once you make this setting, the page will automatically begin to filter the products according to your setting, after it finishes processing, it will bring out the products with the highest gravity score.

Step 5;

Just look at the list of the filtered products and choose the one at the top with the highest gravity.

 Best Clickbank Products

Now, below the product description, you will see a link to the product Affiliate page.

This is the page, where the vendor provides all the details, tools, needed information, his/ her contact, and assistance to the affiliate.

 Best Clickbank Products

Open up the link, to see how the page is.

Step 6;

Once you are on the affiliate page, click on the product sales page link to see how good the sales page is,  to also know if actually, the vendor spends money on the creation of his product.

This is important, as I said earlier, the last mistake that you will want to do is to pick a crappy product from a hungry vendor, you will not get any sales.

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Step 7;

Once you have confirmed that the product is good to go, the next thing to do is to look for the vendor’s contact or email address and send them an email.

Now what you are trying to do is to make sure that you are dealing with a real vendor that has confidence in their product and are serious and involved in the sales process of their products.

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With this kind of vendor, most of the work has been done for you.

So send them an email asking them some question like;

  • You need a product review
  • How well is his top affiliate performing selling his products?
  • What is the best Ads campaign that works well with his products
  • What level of success has his top affiliate achieved promoting his products
  • What is the best demographic to target for promoting his products?

This are a few questions you can ask them in the email.

But some may not reply to you, while some will gladly reply to you immediately and start sending you valuable information and materials to help you succeed in the promotion of their product.

If a vendor replies to you in the next 24 hours, then know that you have found a killer hot in demand Clickbank products to promote.

Wrap Up.

Note, a Clickbank product with a good number of gravity, (my rules of thumb is from 50% and above gravity score)  great looking sales page, tools available to facilitate the promotion process like email swipes, images, ads copy, pdf ebooks for giveaways to capture emails and so on.

And Active vendors who reply to emails and ready to assist in the process of promoting the product are THE BEST CLICKBANK PRODUCTS TO PROMOTE.

Now over to you,

Are you an affiliate marketer? If yes, which method do you implement in finding the best profitable Clickbank products to promote.

Please drop your answers below, for others to learn using the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

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