Email Marketing! Killer Strategy To Make Money Without A Website.

Email marketing is a form of marketing that any serious online entrepreneur can never do without, that is if you want to maximize your marketing efforts.

Email marketing is a smart way of attracting, retaining, providing value and managing customers, all at the same time. In fact with the kind of technology that is available right now, you can automate almost the wholes process involved in email marketing.

email marketing, killer selling strategy

Now as a newbie that has never heard of the term “email marketing” may really be thinking, what the hell is this guy talking about?

Do not be faster than your shadow and relax (Lols, just kidding) while I walk you through what email marketing is and how it can help you grow your business exponentially.

So Now What Is Email Marketing?

Email marketing is a very highly effective form of digital marketing, that involves collecting they email of prospects or customers with the use of a lead magnet

(A bribe or free give away) and letter start following them up with promotional and marketing emails.

The proper use of highly effective emails can turn users or prospect into customers and also a first-time buyer into a loyal returning buyer.

Although this form of marketing has been long in existence in the developed world, I can assure you that it’s still new in Nigeria, and the opportunity has not fully been harnessed.

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With Email marketing, you can promote any product or services on the internet without a website, but it will cost you some ads fee for it to work fast.

To get started with email marketing, you will need to sign up with email marketing providers.

Making Money With Email Marketing Without A Website: How It Works.

Making Money with email marketing is the fastest and smartest way, a beginner that knows what their doing can utility and start cashing out big. Without necessarily having a blog or website.

email marketing, killer selling strategy

Hey, don’t get me wrong, am not saying that having a website or blog is not important. Of course any serious netprenuer most have a blog or website to show that they are out for business.

But with email marketing, you can get off the ground and running with your marketing promotional immediately. The process involved in making money with email marketing is quite simple and straightforward.

  1. It involves you to figure out hot product or services that people are searching for information about on the internet.
  2. Conduct well-researched information on that product or service, especially the information that you know potential buyers will be very interested to buy.
  3. Then find good Affiliate networks or Affiliate programs that offer the products or services that you have just researched on, and pick a product or services to promote.
  4. Use your email marketing platform to set up online sales machines that will attract people who are interested in buying the product or services.
  5. Then, deploy a promotional strategy to drive people into your marketing sales machine. And that’s it.
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Now the let go through the process one after other for better understanding.

  • There is no other place to figure out the hot products that people are currently searching for or buying than top Digital or physical product marketplace on the internet. Examples are; Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Jumia or Konga for Nigerians etc.

All you do is to search for the bestsellers on Amazon or Use the gravity score of about 30-50 on Clickbank to find a product that is selling well.

  • We have picked our product, but we still need to be sure that the product is really high in demand in the market place, and the best way to determine that is by checking out the search volume using google keyword planner.
  • Then depending on the kind of product, you research on if it’s a physical product, your best bet will be to join the Amazon Associate program, Jumia Affiliate program, or long Affiliate program. But for the digital product will be Clickbank, Cj, and other reputable Networks.
  • Next will be to find a good Email marketing provider and sign up and account, then set up a persuasive landing page and an automated campaign series that will keep following up this prospects to finally convert them into buyers.
  • After successfully completing the above process, you can now decide on your marketing strategy. There are many roots to take in terms of how to promote your marketing sales machine and begin to get opt-in, .There are free and paid methods, but since we want to make money fast with these methods, then running paid Ads is the fastest solution.
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You can run Facebook ads, (very effective if you know how to run it well), do Solo Ads and Paid Media. These are the best ways to buy traffic.

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After reading the above guide, you may be thinking that everything involves making money with email marketing is very difficult.

No, it is not, but as to everything, email marketing to has its own way of making it work for you.

So for that reason, I have decided to create a step by step video from finding the right product to set up your email marketing sales machine. Watch it below. Click here to watch the complete video series

Wrapping up

With the right knowledge, I believe that email marketing is a very powerful means of digital marketing strategy that can help anyone build a business up quickly.

And I also believe that everything that we just covered in this guide will go a long way in setting you on the right part.

So over to you,

Have you tried email marketing before? If yes, what was your result like?

Please use the box below to drop your answers.

Thank you for reading.


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