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free SEO blog setup

You are just a few step away in having your blog or website setup for you, free of charge.

There is no doubt, that almost 60 percent of blog and website on the world wide web, runs on WordPress.

That tells you how quality, and powerful that WordPress platform could be.

So it then means that, if you are not having your blog or website on a self-hosted WordPress platform right now, then you will be missing out of the numerous benefits available on the platform which includes the followings.

  • Having full control over your blog and content.
  • The ability and freedom to monetize your blog in any means or ways you want.
  • Having Unlimited Customizations and designs options at your disposal with the free themes or ( premium themes) that are available in abundant.
  • Having a more professional and User-friendly blog interface. That sends signal to the Humans and Search engine that this person is serious and out for business.
  • Your blog or website having the potential to rank high on Google with the best SEO plugin that make the process of optimization very easy and flexible.
  • The ability to change your blog into an online store, directory, job boards, and even downloads site.
  • It gives you the ease to better optimise your blog for search engine traffic and social media engagement.
  • And it goes on, and on and on.

So, I Want to help you Install, Setup, Design, and Optimise your Blog For FREE.

What! Is this a kind of joke or what?

Offcourse not, You heard me right.

I want to help you Setup your new WordPress blog or website, the right way. So that you can begin your blogging journey in a new level.

It doesn’t matter if you are a business person, professional, career person, an entrepreneur, or an individual.

And also it doesn’t matter at all if you are just getting started or you already have a blog or website on another platform.

Not only will I help you Setup your Blog or Website on WordPress, But you will also get the following from me free.

  1. I will select and install a well optimize mobile responsive beautiful pro- looking theme.
  2. Install the Necessary Plugins based on your niche that will make your newly WordPress blog runs smoothly.
  3. Design a cool Simple logo for your blog.
  4. Will help you conduct and come up with 10 free extensive well-researched Topics that will draw attention in your Niche. ( gurus charge a lot for this alone.)
  5. Also, send you links to collections of great resources that will enable you to get familiar with the platform quickly .

In a Nutshell, I will help you get your blog or Website ready for you to start publishing on it immediately.

But one thing is certain, this offer is not for everyone.

So then, Who Qualify for this Offer?

Am sure you already know that you have to first purchase a domain name and a hosting plan to be able to setup a wordpress blog.

No, I don’t.

What is domain and Hosting by the way?

Are you kidding me? You  mean that, you don’t know? Lols.

Ok, let me explain for the sake of newbies.

A domain is the name and address to your blog or website, e.g (https:// www . the name to your blog .com).

Did you notice something? HTTPs:// is different from HTTP://. What is the difference? the difference is that “HTTPs”, is having an (S) in it, meaning that your domain and blog is secure and that users can trust your blog or website.

While the domain that is with just HTTP:// will send a signal to your user’s browser that this site is not safe. Any domain name starting with HTTPS:// is called SSL. So I advise your domain names should have an SSL, Google usually ranks domains with an SSL than the one that doesn’t have.

While the Hosting plan is the service that puts your blog or website on the internet. The hosting plans makes your blog or website visible on the internet globally.

And make sure you try as much as possible to stick to a very short memorable domain name, and also stick to the top three domain extension which are.COM, .NET, .ORG. They usually get better ranking more than another level of the domain.

So a blog or a website owner, is a global business owner.

In other to qualify for my Free power packed SEO optimized wordpress blog or website setup,

The only thing you need to do is to Click on Bluehost Banner below to buy your web hosting plan from Bluehost. ( the web hosting Company that I recommend base on the quality and affordability of their service).

BlueHost Offers The following…..

  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth
  • Free domain for the first year
  • Affordable price and a bit increment upon renewal.
  • Free SSL for your blog’s security. Eg https:// , instead of HTTP://.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The ability to add three or more blog on the smallest hosting plan.

And the good thing with Bluehost is that they both Accept A Nigerian Issued Mastercard or Visa as means of payment, and so PayPal.

Now you have it, the Ball is in your Court.

If you want to Qualify for this rare opportunity, then you need to click on the Bluehost banner Above to purchase your hosting account. That’s the Term and condition to be among the qualifiers.

For A Step By Step Guide On How To Order For A Hosting Account From Bluehost: Click Here

And this offer will only be available to those who purchase from 1year and above Hosting Account, for us to be sure that we are dealing with serious minded people.

NOTE: If you click on the Banner above and purchase your hosting account, We will get little compensation at no extra cost to you. That means, if you click on our link or not, to purchase your hosting account, you will still pay the same price as seen on the Banner above.

So why not stick with Us, lets set things up professionally and save you the cost of paying a pro to do it for you, time and guess work.

You may be wondering, is this fellow a father Christmas to give out such valuable services for free.? The simple answer to this is a big “No Sir”.

Now, lets look at it this way, You buy a complete hosting solution at an affordable rate, with the best hosting company in the world, through our link above, and get your complete SEO Optimised blog or website setup and designed for you by us for free, the hosting company gets a new customer and compensate us with some little commision.

You are happy for saving you cash, time and effort. The company is also happy about acquiring a new customer. And equally, we are happy to, for been compensated for our selfless hard work. So you see, its a WIN WIN WIN GAME.

So after buying the hosting account through the Blue host banner above, whats Next?

Good question, smart one. After placing order for your hosting account using the Bluehost banner link above, send me your registration details, once i confirm your purchase status, i will begin the set up and design immediately.

As I said earlier, I will not charge you a cent, to begin your blog/website setup Plus design for it to be ready for publishing and blogging on it instantly.

But, you must play by the rule of clicking on the banner link above to place your hosting order.

Am a Man of my word, So if you have any question, you can send me an email on, I promise to reply to all your guestion.


So take advantage of this great opportunity while it last, lets get you started on the right part online.

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