Free blogger Vs Self-hosted WordPress Blog. Their Differences in 2020?

The mistake that I see some smart wannabes pro blogger do, is going on free blogger and create a blog with its default blogspot subdomain.

They want to make money online but don’t want to invest a dime into it.

The truth is, there is no free money anywhere. If you think that just going on blogger and create a free blog, copy some content from other blog or write some crappy post on the blog will make you a penny, then you need to have a rethink.

Free blogger

There are thousands of such kind of blogs littered everywhere on the internet that where abandoned by their respective owners.

But I have come to realize that most people that take that root was due to the lies that have been sold to them by some hungry gurus just to buy their ebooks.

You will hear stuff like, you don’t need any capital to start. You can just go on blogger, create a blog, copy and paste other people’s blog post, after all, there is nothing like original content, apply for Google Adsense and start making a.thousands of the dollar.

Haa! What a deceit. If you most make money online, then you need to invest something into it. It’s a give and takes something.

Of recent someone Asked me what is the difference between a Free blogger and a self-hosted WordPress blog.

But before I do just to that, lets first know what the two blogging platforms are.

What are a Free blogger and a Self-hosted WordPress blog?

A FREE BLOGGER is a blogging platform that was created by Google, which anyone can go on and create a free blog with a subdomain that ends with a blog post. An example is;

And can begin publishing articles on it immediately.

There are also different kind of free blogging platform like blogger to which includes;

Free blogger
  • Wix
  • Tumble
  • Weekly
  • Medium and so on.

These blogging platforms are also called Web 2.0.

Because they are a website that produces space for other people to come and create their own free separate website while maintaining its sub-domain.

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Meaning with this free blogging platform, your blog won’t have a custom domain name, unless you pay for the upgraded plan to have a custom domain name or buy a custom domain name and link it up with the blog host in the case of blogger blog.

While A SELF-HOSTED blog requires you buy a domain and a hosting account, then you download and install the WordPress application from

Which you can fully customize, Setup and designed to suit your taste and have a very good user experience.

Most of the big companies website that you find ranking well on the search engine runs on a Self-Hosted WordPress.

That’s to tell you that also search engine loves a self-hosted blog

Because it’s very SEO friendly and make the SEO optimization process favorable.

Difference between Free blogger & Self-Hosted WordPress, Plus Their advantages/ disadvantages

Here is the difference between these two blogging platforms, so that you will be able to make an informed decision.

Free blogger platform;

You can start a blog for free and share your ideas with the world without spending a Penny.

But, the downside of it is that Free blogging platforms like blogger Blogspot and any other free blogging platforms come with a default domain name, which is not good for a serious blogger.

Using a free blogging platform with its default domain name like Blogspot doesn’t really sends a good signal to your prospective readers.

People are getting wiser nowadays. It will make you look like are a joker and an unserious fellow.


  1. It’s free to use, you can get started with publishing contents in minutes.
  2. Free hosting, with free blogger blogs you won’t need to pay for hosting forever.


  1. You don’t have control over this kind of blog, meaning when you violate any of their policy, they can delete your blog without any prior notice and appeal.
  2. Has very little to no customization flexibility.
  3. Comes with a default subdomain, which sends a signal that the owner is a joker.
  4. It’s not SEO friendly, as the platform doesn’t support the SEO optimization process.
  5. Has limited features. The platform has a very limited feature because it doesn’t support the use of plugins for additional functionality.
  6. You cannot monetize the free blogging platform with any kind of monetization method that you so desire.
Self-hosted WordPress

Anybody that wants to launch an online business on a serious note, will begin with a self-hosted WordPress blog.

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WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) application that you can download for free on and install into your hosting account.

This kind of blog is very powerful when it comes to flexibility, a good user experience, SEO optimization options and to customize it to your taste.

Search engine loves a Self-hosted blog, that why you see most of the top ranking blog and website on them from the page of Google runs on WordPress.

Free blogger


  1. With a Self-hosted blog, you have total control over it. Meaning it doesn’t concern anyone the way you plan on using your blog, the kind of contents you decide to publish on it. You are the boss.
  2. Your blog is fully branded with a good keyword rich domain name of top-level extension or any extension you wish to have, which send a signal to prospective users or customer that you are a professional that can be trusted because you are out for business.
  3. A self-hosted blog is very flexible in terms of customization, you can customize it’s anyhow you want.
  4. It’s very SEO friendly, as you have great SEO plugins that make the SEO optimization process easy.
  5. A self-hosted blog has unlimited features that make the blog beautiful and powerful because of the millions of plugin available for different kind of functionality that you may want.
  6. You can monetize your blog any way you want it. You can choose to monetize your blog with affiliate marketing, Contextual ads, selling ad space or even CPA offers methods.


  1. A self-hosted WordPress blog is not free, as you have to pay for a hosting and a domain account, and also pay a designer to help you set up and develop the blog to standard. This may cost you a lot of you have no technical skills or knowledge to do that yourself.
  2. Yearly renewal of your hosting can really be an issue if you have not started generating enough income in your first year to cover for the next hosting bill.
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Wrap up.

To be Very sincere with you, if you want to venture into blogging, then you have to prepare yourself both physically, mentally and financially to be able to meet up, the game is getting more challenging with many competitions this day.

Am not saying all this to scare you, but to prepare your mind that to make money online, then you need to invest money.

To get a good set up, designed and optimized money making blog, some professional charges between #50,000 – #60,000. Go and make your findings.

But hey, you don’t have to spend that much. Click here to purchase your hosting and domain starting from $3.95/month with Bluehost and get your standard, well-optimized money making blog set up by me for free. Yes, I mean for free, no string attached to it.

Now your turn.

Do you currently have your blog on a blogger blog, if yes, I can help you change the subdomain name to a custom .com domain name for a little fee.

Drop your comments, questions, and feedback below using the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

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