What Are Backlinks? Plus How To Get Free Backlinks in 2020

Getting quality free backlinks to your blog can be very tasking or even impossible to implement in some cases.

Why? Because as important as SEO is to your blog, backlinks are among the most important factor that determines your blog ranking position on the search engine result page (SERP).

Aiming for free traffic through the best practices of SEO is a very profitable thing to do. We all know that traffic from the search engine is of high quality and very targeted.

 free backlinks to your blog

Before  I continue with how you can get quality free Backlinks, I will like us to, first of all, know what Backlink really means.

What are BACKLINKS, And How To Get Quality
Why? Because as important as SEO is to your blog.

Backlinks simply mean having your blog links on other people websites, most especially on authority website/blog.

When your links can be found on other authority blogs/websites pointing back to your blog, it then means that you have created a backlink.

This is very important to search engines giants google when wanting to rank a blog/website on their (SERP).

When you have your link on this authority website, it sends signals to Google that your blog is safe, trustworthy, of high quality, and user-friendly.

When it comes to factors like on-page and off-page that  Google uses for ranking blogs/websites, backlinks are very important factors that they put into consideration.

The off-page factors is all about backlinking.

But the Snag with having your links on this authority website is that they just don’t allow any kind of links on their website.

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Bad links can impact negatively on the performance of their SEO.

And even if they manage to allow you have your link on their websites, they will charge a very exorbitant among of money, which not every beginner that is just starting may have.

So I want to show you how to build quality free backlinks to your blog on some of this authority website.

To be able to build quality free backlinks is to look for some of this website that has DA (Domain Authority) and can allow you to drop your link on their website for free.

Example of such website are;

  • Forums
  • Questions & Answer Website
  • Blogs.
  • Articles submission directories.

Here is how it works

  1. Forums;

Building backlinks on forums are very easy, all you have to do is to go on Google search bar and type in your Niche + forums.

Look for the forums related to your Niche and sign up. The will allow you to drop your blog link in your signature.

After that, try to be active like answering questions, and contributing, then you cleverly drop your blog pages or post link on the forum. With that, you are actively building backlinks.

Do that with other related forums.

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Note; don’t try to spam the forum, just contribute genuinely on those forums.

 building free backlinks with blogs

Example of one of such forums with domain authority is Nairaland for Nigerians.

  • Question & Answers Website.

How you build free backlinks on this website, is the same thing with that of the forums.

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All you have to do is to first, search for related Question & Answer website, locate a question that you can answer to the best of your ability, and then link back to one of your blog post or page.

 building free backlinks with blogs

Example of one is Qoura.

  • Blogs

The methods in building free backlinks with blogs are through Guest posting, which can be very tedious.

The require you to write very quality articles and submit it to them to publish on their blog for free, while the link back to your blog in return.

Some blogs now charges fee to have your articles submitted on their blog with your link on it.

But at the end, it very profitable, because you gain some of their traffic and build quality free backlinks.

  • Articles Submission directories.

Building free backlinks on Article submission directories like Ezinearticles can be very rewarding because of the huge traffic on these websites.

 building free backlinks with blogs

But creating quality articles to submit can be very tasking, but also very rewarding at the end.

Then finally I want to introduce you to this free tools that I use to build quality free backlinks for my blog.

Meet Seoreviewtools. With this tool, it will automatically build free backlinks for your blog in a matter of minutes.

The combination of the above listed methods with this backlink killer tools will really skyrocket your backlinks, which means more traffics to your blog.

Wrapping Up.

I personally find the free methods of building backlinks more quality than The paid methods.

There are people selling or rendering  bad and poor quality backlinks, which may be very harmful to your blog SEO.

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If you most buy backlinks, make sure to verify the source of the backlinks first, before buying.

Now it’s your turn, how you been implement the best backlinks methods for your blog? Which methods works best for you.

Please share your experience for others to learn by dropping your answers using the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.


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