How do blogger make money In 2019? Including Ways To Start Today

How Do Blogger make money? If you have any of these above questions burning in your mind right now, then that tells me that you have a burning desire to become a blogger. But certainly, something is definitely holding you back from venturing into this amazing journey of joining those in the blogosphere.

How do blogger make money

Today, am here to give deep in debt answers to those questions most especially to this particular one “how do blogger make money” that are running through your mind. Am not only going to answer those questions, But also show you a practical guide that you can follow that will definitely give you a clear picture on how to get started.

How do Blogger Make Money?

Bloggers definitely make money with their blog by identifying a particular problem faced by a certain group of people of interest, then they go and make research to profer solution to those problems inform of tips, recommendation, professional advice, reviews and so on. they Achieve this by creating high-quality content on their blogs.

After creating those content, they then go ahead to attract and build an audience for their blogs which will later turn to loyal buyers or money action takers. then they monetize their blog with various monetization platforms or methods.

Such as;

  • Ad Networks like Google Adsense, (bloggers are really making a killing with these Ad Networks)
  • Direct Advertisement
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Paid reviews
  • Sell your ebooks
  • Launch an Online Course
  • offer online consultation
  • Offer your skill services.

Can You Really Make Money Blogging?

The answer To this question is absolute YES. why? because we are in the Information Age, the right information is everything, people are hungry for information that will make them a better version of themselves on a daily basis. So they search for useful and valuable information can never stop.

How do blogger make money

So if you can appear in front of these people as a solution information provider to their questions or problems. they will gladly pull out their wallet and purchase whatever you are selling or recommend them.

So yes, You can really make money blogging if only you really know what you are doing or blogging about. And Lucky Arthur is a living testimony to that.

How do blogger make money? OMG! are you still asking me this question? LOL.

Well, I just did justice to this question with the question above (How do Bloggers Make Money).

So without any further delay, let’s get into the main deal. First you most have to first understand what blogging is in the first place, in other to get a clear picture of their entire journey into the blogosphere.

What is Blogging, And What Is It All About?

In a more formal definition, a blog which is the short meaning of a ‘weblog’ is an online journal or an informational website where a writer displays information based on a chosen field or subject matters which appears like a log with the latest post appearing first.

But in my own definition of a blog, i will simply say that a blog is a platform where individuals or professionals engage themselves to share knowledgeable information base on a particular topic focused on a group of people in other to show their skills or expertise with the intention to promote themselves, a course, their businesses, professions, to make money, or just the fun of it (hubby).

So now that you know what blogging is all about, Here Are The Steps Involved In Making Money With A Blog.

  1. Having or Creating A website or a professionally designed blog.
  2. Finding a profitable Niche that will definitely start making you money in the shortest possible time.
  3. Creating high-quality content based around your Niche.
  4. Finding, building, and developing an audience base that will become a loyal reader, subscribers and moving on turns to buyers.
  5. Finding the best method to monetize your blog that is suitable to your Niche and Audience.

Yes! These are the steps involved in the blogosphere superstar journey. I can feel that looks on your face already. And you will want to go like… “WOW! This will be wonderfully difficult” how the hell can I do all this?

Well, let me burst your bubbles by saying if my grandma can do this, then you can also do this. At least what is sure of is that my grandma can read and write, which means that she can read some simple informational instruction, follow them as she had read them and get the work done.

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And I guess, since you can read all this, then I can confidently say that you will do better than my grandma. LOLs. She is very old Now. So if you really want to start making money with blogging, then you most Do all they needful that is involves. Blogging is a very profitable business, so you must treat it as one.

Now let us go through the steps involved together in making money with a blog to uncover everything that you need to be doing.

  • Having or Creating A website or professionally designed blog.

As i just said earlier, Blogging is a very profitable business. Thus, must be treated as one. You need A good design and setup self-hosted blog developed on the WordPress platform. Why a self-hosted blog on WordPress platform, when I can get a free blog from blogger blog.

How do blogger make money

Well the truth is if you most start off right will a blog, then you will definitely need a well-designed blog on a very powerful platform with many advantages and features that will make your blog runs smooth and look very beautiful and pleasing to your visitors.

In everything, the first impression really matters, when a visitor first lands on your blog, the first thing that will grab his/her attention is how good your blog looks if it looks well designed and professional setup,

The visitor will know that this fellow is serious with this business, because you have spent some money to achieve what you have on ground, and you are not just here to take away their money and disappear into the thin air. With the blogger blog, you can’t really achieve that extra feature that you desire because you don’t have control over this platform, it belongs to the almighty GOOGLE…

The blogger blog comes with a sub-domain extension. For example, Haaaa! How ugly and unprofessional does that look? Yes, I know that you can change that domain extension to a custom or more professional domain name like, which I can do for you over here (link).

But tell me, how will you feel after much years of hard work, stress and pain working on your blog that is hosted on Google servers, and that you have started seeing returns on your investment, just to make up one faithful morning to discover that your blog is no more or have been deleted because either you have violated one of their publishing policy without know.

Did I just hear someone said God forbid? LOLs, yes it has happened to so many. It happened so because they don’t have full control over their blog. So I strongly advise if you are a tech-savvy, to create one for yourself or look for a professional to create one for you. OH! Before I forget, I can actually create one for you free of charge, only if you meet these requirements. Click here to find out what they are.

  • Finding a profitable Niche that will definitely start making you money in the shortest possible time.

This step is the most important part of them all, get it wrong here and you will definitely fail woefully. Finding a Niche to blog about is really very tricky especially to newbies or beginners.

The truth is when it comes to finding the right keyword, the question I normally ask is “What are you Passionate about, what interest you the most, what are you more knowledgeable about, what triggers your fancy the most, what do you think you have that people needs. If you can take a minute to answer that question, then you are on your way to becoming a millionaire.

Really it doesn’t make sense for someone who is more passionate about football to go and start talking about medicine. Definitely, he will give up on along the way. So let me assume that you have discovered your passion. Now its time to know how profitable that passion of your is by doing some keyword research.

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The best tool for conducting this research is to go on google and type in (google keyword planner). Once you are in there, you will need a Gmail account to sign in. let’s say that you are more passionate about smartphones.

How do blogger make money

What you are going to do is type in smartphones, it will bring out the result, what is going to be focusing on is how many searches do smartphone phone keywords get on a monthly basis.

How do blogger make money

How Much competition is there for that keyword (smartphones), and finally is advertisers spending any money on that keyword at all which we can immediately see in the search result.

But to actually know that amount of competition that the keyword and how are your competitors treated that Niche, All you have to do is to go on google search bar and type in your keyword, when the result comes up with list of website, click through then just to see how they are treating the keyword, the king of content that they are producing .

How do blogger make money

So if you think that that Niche is ok for you that you can scale with it or duplicate what the are doing, then pick up the Niche and begin running with it passionately, because at the long run, its really your passion that will speak for you.

  • Creating high quality content based around your Niche.

Now that you have find your Niche your, they next head stumling blog will be how to get content ideas to consistent write about and start feeling your nice looking blog. Well seriously finding content idea can be a problem to beginners, but everything has it’s way around.

All you need to do is to visit, seoreviewtools click on the content ideas generator button, type in your Niche keyword which is (smartphones), and click on the get content idea button and just sit back and relax while this tool brings out about 100 topics that you can start working on immediately. Make sure that you jot down all the topics so that you will have access them then ever you need them.

How do blogger make money
How do blogger make money
they are up to 100 content ideas, these are just few

Now that you have tons of topics to work on, The next thing will be how to start writting on them one after the other. If you are good in writting, trhen i think that you shouldnt have problem with this, but if you are not good in writting, then no problem, you dont need to be a prolific writer to be able to write out a piece of information or an article,  All you have to do is, for example, let say that the topic you want to write about is “how to identify A quality smartphone” just go on google and type in that keyword.

It will bringout other blogs that have written about that same topic. Open like five of the blog to see which one will be simple for you to read, understand what the subject matter is all about, be able to follow the way the author structured out the write up and simple re-write it to you own understanding and your own words. I did not say copy the authors writting.

The mistake that some beginners that have this instant gratification or get rich quich mentality do is not even to write the article word for words, but they are to lazy to just copy they entire authors work and paste on their website, go and sleep waiting for the blog to start to bring out money through their devices screen, how funny.. When they finally realize themselve, they have no any option than to quite.

Don’t do that. This is a business, you want this stuff to make you money right, so treat it as a business. If you know that you can not simple re-write someones else article into your own words or you dont have time to write this articles yourself, just get in tourch with me and i will contantly provide you with high quality content to post on your blog.

Or better still, you can go on iwriter, or even hire a good writer, provide them with your topic and the keyworks you want the topic to rank for on the search engine and leave the rest for them simple.

  • Finding, building, and developing an audience based that will become a loyal readers, subcribers and moving on buyers.
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At this stage, i believe that you now have a hand full of reasonable, qaulity and information information of about like 20 post on your blog, because that is what will make the difference.

At this point will need to start building and audience for our blog. There are two ways to go about this.

  • You can do Paid ads on Social medias like facebooks, twitter, instagram by promoting your latest post on your blog. Or paying other Famous blogs or ads medias to place your ads on their blogs or website for a certain period of time.

This method works pretty well that is if you have the right monetization methods in place and a system that will capture the visitors that comesinto your blog via paid ads means, so that the will remain and become a loyal and returning visitor. The best way to achieve this is through email marketing by building a list.

  • The next Once is By free methods which involve a gradual process of optimizing your blog for search engine traffic through SEO best practices. And also building your presences on social media like having a facebook fanpage, twitter handle, instagram followers and so on.

You can also do guest posting, content marketing and so on. The free methods of getting traffic to you blog takes time and efforts to develop, but its rewarding at the long run especiall optimizing your blog for search engine.

  • Finding the best method to monitize your blog that is suitable to your Niche and Audience.

This is the most jucy part of it all, after all the hard and money work has been done, now is that time to get your reward. Chosing the right Method to Monetize our method will solely depend on the nature of your. Like say from the example above, you chose to blog about smartphones, the best option for you is to join the AMAZON ASSOCIATE PROGRAM and start selling physical smartphones to the world on your blog.

When someone visits your blog, click on the product links or banner on your blog and make a purcahse, you make a commission. Thats how it works.  There are make Methods that you can use to Monetize your blog with. This Methods of Monetizetion is a broad topics of their own that i can’t cover here. So I will just list them so that you can have an Arsenal of monetization options at your disposal.

  • Ad Networks like Google Adsense, (bloggers are really making a killing with these Ad Networks)
  • Direct Advertisement placement on your blog form brands, companies or even individuals
  • Affiliate marketing. Click here for a list of affiliate networks that you may find the perfect problem for your blog and audience.
  • Paid reviews
  • Sell your ebooks (Information marketing)
  • Launch an Online Course
  • offer online consultation
  • Offer your skill services.

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Now am sure that after going through this step by step guide, you now have a clear view and understanding of the possibility of you actually being able to make money with your blog, and you will no longer need to keep asking “How do blogger make money”

As I said, blogging business is very profitable and can be a life changing experiance if taken serious and treated like an actual business, the initial stage of it is not easy, the same thing applies to any profitable venture out there. But after the work is don properly, the return will surely out weight the work putin into it.

So now you have it, over to you.

Do you think that you have what it takes to make money from a blog? Can you follow simple instructions and always be ready to take actions? If yes, drop your comment below indicating your interest in wanting to start a blogging business. So that you will get my free professional blog setup and design,.

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