Discover How To Make Money On Youtube 2020 {Step By Step Guide}

If you desire to make money on Youtube in 2020, then you need to read through this guide carefully.

Have you been hearing about how people are making huge money from youtube, including a seven year old boy called Ryan?

Make Money On Youtube


Or are you still wondering of the possibility of you making a fraction of what those big guys are making on Youtube?

Don’t worry, in this guide i will show you how to start making your own money on youtube through affiliate marketing while waiting till you get the required 4000 watch hour time and 1000 subscribers.

Although you might not be able to earn up to $26m of what Ryan a seven year old boy earned in 2019.

But what if you could earn a fraction of that, will that be helpful to you at all?

If yes, then let’s dive into it on how to make money on youtube.

Make Money On Youtube

First things first, before you can successfully start making money on youtube, you need to understand that youtube is a video sharing website which also serves as a search engine where people come to search for one information or the order.

People that are coming to youtube came either to get entertained, get educated or get information/solutions to their problem.

Once you know the major reason why people come on to youtube, the nest thing that you want to do is to;

Pick A Niche And Know Your Audience To  Make Money On Youtube…

Make Money On Youtube

Picking a niche and knowing your audience helps you to know the needs of a particular set of people and know the right content and product to serve them with.

Let say that you are sharing a video content about dog food, you don’t want to promote a cat food to your viewers, do you? It doesn’t make sense.

So figuring out your niche and the audience that you want to target with determine the success and possibility to make money on youtube.


In order to effectively know and figure out your target audience and know how profitable your niche is, you will need to carry out a quick research with a tool called vidiq.

Vidiq is a keyword tool that enables youtube creators to effectively carry out keyword research and to know if people are really interested in a particular topic at a particular given time.

They have a free version, but for this particular research, a pro plan will be needed.

Just to make sure that you are not wasting your time in a niche that has little interest or much competition.

You want to go for a niche that has medium competition…

After carrying out your research also known as keyword research, you want to get as much keyword as possible to use for your video optimization. 

The Step By Step Process To Make Money On Youtube.

In these steps now, let me break down the whole process for you in simple terms…


                                                                STEP 1: CREATE A YOUTUBE CHANNEL…

Make Money On Youtube

Yes, creating a youtube channel is the #1 most important step in order to make money from youtube. You want to create a channel that looks professional so that viewers will take you seriously and know that your channel is a quality channel. 

If you don’t know how to create a youtube channel, click here for a step by step guide.


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                                                  STEP 2: SIGN UP FOR AN AFFILIATE NETWORK ….

Make Money On Youtube

If you don’t have the patience or luxury of time to wait till your channel is now eligible with the required 4000 watched hour time and the 1000 subscribers, then your shortcut root to make money on youtube is to start promoting affiliate products or offers.

To get affiliate products to promote, you need to first sign up on an affiliate network.

There are several affiliate networks or companies out there, such as, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Warriorplus, Amazon etc….

My favourite is Clickbank due to their generous commission rate..

Although if you are from a non supported country Like Pakistan, Nigeria etc, you will need my trick in order to be able to open an account successfully. Click here to learn how to open a clickbank account from Nigeria or a non supported country.



                                               STEP 3: PICK  A PRODUCT TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUTUBE…

Make Money On Youtube

Once you have successfully created your clickbank account, the next thing is for you to pick a product that is related to your niche, that solves the problem of your viewers.


                                                STEP 4: CREATE A LEAD MAGNET OR FREE GIVEAWAY …

Make Money On Youtube

When trying to build  trust with your audience, you want to give them free stuff at the beginning, so that you will get them to trust you very well.

You can give your audience free stuff like ebooks, software or anything…


Ebooks are the best type of lead magnet to give away for free. You can even do marketing with the ebooks by putting your products  affiliate links into some different sections of the book.

Another reason for giving away free Ebooks is to enable you to get the contacts of prospective viewers or buyers for follow up purposes..

No one will give you their contact details without any reason of getting anything in return.

Creating these ebooks could be very difficult if you are not good or used to writing a lot.

But you can easily get this ebook created with less effort on your part. You can get good quality ebooks to give out for free from IDPLS website.

Or you can make use of software like sqribble to create unlimited ebooks of your own automatically.


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                                                        STEP 5: CREATE A LANDING/SQUEEZE PAGE.

Make Money On Youtube

Creating a landing page is very important if you want to collect the email contacts of your subscribers or viewers.

Before they download the free ebook, they will have to know more about the ebook, what they stand to benefit by entering their contact details to download it.

So a landing page enables you to explain more about the ebook, what they stand to benefit and also capture their email contacts.

You can create awesome good looking landing pages on WordPress with landing page builders like beaver builders or elementor pro..



Make Money On Youtube

Immediately you create your landing or squeeze page, the next thing you’re going to do is to setup your email marketing software, so that once your subscribers or viewers enters their email contacts, your email marketing software will capture this emails and send an automated message based on how it’s been setup.

This software will also help you to follow up with your email subscribers for new videos you’ve uploaded and also recommend other useful products to them.

This is very important if you really want to make a substantial income online or to make money on youtube.

Like some most guru will say, “the money is in the list” meaning the more email list subscribers you have, the more your chances of making more money.

There are many email marketing software out there, but i recommend Getresponse, because it’s very easy to use for beginners, affordable and reliable.

The only downside with Getresponse is the monthly fees that comes with it.

Gosh… I hate monthly fees.

If you also hate paying monthly fees like me, then you will love to have a software that you can pay once and use forever.

If that’s what you want, then I also recommend checking out Sendiio 2.0.

It’s an all in one email marketing software that compares the power of email marketing, Facebook messengers and SMS.

With either Getresponse or Sendiio 2.0, you can setup an automated message that sends out the ebook automatically after your subscribers have entered their email contacts on your landing page.


                                                                 STEP 7: CREATING YOUTUBE VIDEOS..

Make Money On Youtube

I know that this is the part that scares a lot of people from starting a youtube channel, due to the fact that they are shy or not confident enough in standing in front of a camera to record a video.

But you don’t have to. Creating YouTube videos is now as simple as ABC..

With software like Content samurai, you can create world class YouTube videos with you, your voice or your face being present in the video.

Am sure you  remember why people come to YouTube to watch videos?

Like i said easier, people come on to youtube to watch videos just to get entertained, get educated, get inspired and get informed.

Once you know the major reason people come on youtube to watch, and also knowing your niche and knowing your audience will inform you better of the kind of video content you should be creating for your viewers.

With content samurai, all you need to do is to upload a script and within a few minutes, content samurai will create an awesome video out of images and video clips. 


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                                                            STEP 8: UPLOAD AND OPTIMIZE FOR SEO..

Make Money On Youtube

At this point, your YouTube channel created, your ebook ready, your landing page created, your email marketing software is properly setup and finally you’ve created a video.

Now is time to upload it and optimize for SEO so that people searching will find your videos.

Log into your youtube channel using your gmail account, at the top right corner you will see the upload video icon. 

Click on it, choose the file and upload the video.


After the video is fully uploaded, copy the same script or write up that you use in creating the same video, and paste into the description section.

Make sure you mix the script in the description with keywords that you got from the research you carried out with Vidiq software.

Also do not forget to add your landing page link in your description.

Write a very catchy headline, because it’s that headline that will catch the attention of viewers..

Use well designed beautiful thumbnails. Thumbnail is a very important factor that attracts potential viewers to want to click and watch your video. 

So if your thumbnails are poorly designed, that alone will chase viewers away…


Wrapping up..

How to make money on youtube is really no magic or rocket science. You need to put in the work in order to start seeing results.

This guide is the Ultimate blueprint to start cashing out without much subscribers or waiting till you get 4000 watch hour time or 1000 subscribers.

So now you have it. My ultimate guide on how to make money on youtube, step by step guide.

All you need to do is take action and follow the steps…

So tell me in the comment section below, do you think this is something that you can do??

Thank you for reading, kindly share this post if you find it useful.


How do you earn money on YouTube?

People earn money on youtube through ads revenue called google adsense. This is only possible after you might have build a channel and audience and your channel is now eligible for monetization. Another way is via affiliate marketing. Recommending other peoples products or yours.

Is it hard to make money on YouTube?

It depends on your own definition of hard. There is no easy way to make money, it all require some level of hardwork. So making on youtube is not have difficult, but it requires hardwork, commitment and determination.

Is YouTube a good career?

A capital YES. If you know what your talking about, then youtubing can become a rewarding career for you.
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