How To Increase Traffic On Website Or Your New Blog in 2020

To increase Traffic on website or blog is the most important priority of every online entrepreneur.

Traffic is the lifeblood of every online business. No traffic, no business, simple and short.

But before we dig through the various means of getting traffic, let’s help newbies understand what traffic really means.

When we talk about traffic, we’re not referring to the vehicle traffic jam on our major roads that you can see mainly during rush hours.

Rather, we’re talking about human visitors that land on your website or blog to consume contents that it contain.

What are the types of traffic available?

Increase Traffic On Website

Basically, there are two major types of traffic.

  1. Organic traffic
  2. Inorganic traffic

Organic traffic is the free method of driving traffic into your website or blog and increase your blog traffic.

There are many Ethical and unethical methods that people use to get free traffic, but I will advise you to stick to the ethical methods for sustainable growth of your website or blog traffic.

The free Method to increase website or blog traffic involves:-

  • SEO best practices;

The application of SEO best practices, like optimizing your blog post to rank high on a search engine which involves, Using keywords in your post title, first paragraph, in the body of your post, and in the subtitles. Adding your keyword in the alt tag of images and doing proper internal linking.

And also building proper backlinks, can really go a long way in increasing the traffic on your blog.

  • Guest Posting;

Guest posting involves you writing for another authority blog that is relevant to your blog, and in return, they allow you to leave your blog link on their own blog back to yours. Which will help to attract their readers to your blog?  With this method, you are building backlinks which are great for SEO and better ranking….

  • Posting on Question/Answers And Forum Website.
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People are thinking that forum marketing is now an outdated method to use and increase traffic on the blog. But the truth is that it still works.

You can go on Question and Answers website like Quora and also forums like Nairaland for Nigerians, look for Questions being asked from people and try to answer them to the best of your knowledge. This website allows you to leave your link back to your blog, so when readers love your answers or post, they will click through your link and land on your website.

Have you notice, that when you type in some certain keywords into the search engine, some of this website will show up on the search result will some people’s post or answers. If those peoples should leave a link back to your blog, they will be getting tons of traffic.

  • Social Media.

If you want to quickly increase traffic on your blog, you need to be active on social media, build your presence and develop loyal followers, almost all your loyal or targeted audience is on social media. So opening a Facebook page, twitter handle etc. Are quick ways to increase traffic on a blog or website.

  • Video Marketing;

Video marketing involves you creating videos and uploading them to video streaming websites like Youtube and Vimeo for users to consume or watch.

YouTube is the 3rd largest website on the plant and the giant in the video streaming industry.

YouTube has massive traffic inflow every day, with a minimum of 4.1 million videos watched every minute. So you can begin to create videos and uploading them on YouTube while leaving your link in the description.

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When people hear about creating videos, most especially beginners, they become scared. No, you don’t have to be very technical to create videos for YouTube.

There are free awesome software out there that you can use to record the screen of your PC in a matter of minutes, in fact, if you have a smartphone, that will be ok to create a video.

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  • Content Marketing;

Content marketing involves writing articles and submitting them to articles directories like Ezine articles and the rest, they will allow you to leave your link in the Author box back to your blog.

  • Email marketing;

Email marketing is the most effective way to increase traffic on your blog or website. It involves the capturing of visitor email contacts, storing them and letter following them up with promotional and other valuable information.

You can always send out a campaign email to your subscribers whenever you create a new post, which will make them come back to your blog, making them loyal readers…

While the Inorganic Methods to increase traffic on your blog involves Paying For Traffic or buying Traffic.

Increase Traffic On Website

Buying or paying for traffic is the quickest methods to get thousands of traffic to your blog.

But the downside is that once your budget gets exhausted, the wholes traffic will disappear back to zero. That’s why I always advise that before you go ahead to buy traffic, make sure that the system to capture subscribers is in place if not, your money will be burned to the thin air.

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That’s where email marketing comes in. Traffic buying is a whole topic of its own entirely which can’t be covered there.

Best methods to Do Paid traffic will be;

  • Facebook’s ads.
  • Twitter Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • YouTube ads
  • Solo Ads
  • And media buying.

Wrapping Up.

When trying to increase traffic on your blog or website as a beginner, I strongly recommend that you begin with the free traffic methods, so as to avoid losing money for nothing due to lack of experience and funds.

Then later, you can now scale up the traffic with the paid methods when you most have fully understood how the system works.

Start be Utilizing email marketing as soon as possible to build up your list.

Now Over To You.

Which traffic Methods works best for you?

Please share your experience by dropping your answers using the comment box below. So that others will learn

Thank you for reading.

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