Most Used Plugin To Stop Invalid Clicks And Avoid Adsense Ban 2020.

Are you suffering from the activities of invalid clicks on your Adsense Account?

Or have you once had your Adsense account banned because of invalid clicks?

Don’t worry, because you are about to discover this free awesome plugin that i used to keep my Adsense safe from invalid clicks.

Many Google Adsense account has been banned due to the activities of invalid clicks recorded on an Adsense account.

There is no doubt, that Google Adsense is the dream contextual monetization method of every blogger.

AdSense Invalid Clicks Protector

Why is it so? You may want to know.

Well, it’s so because of the program high CTR (click through rate) and CPM.

Google Adsense is the highest paying contextual ads program in the industry, followed by

That tells why every blogger will want to solely monetize their blog with Google Adsense or include it with other monetization methods such as affiliate marketing.

But one major problem bloggers face is invalid activities recorded by Google robots on their blog.

Google doesn’t take invalid activities likely with any blogger, once the detects it, your account will be banned immediately.

Now before we move further in discovering this great awesome plugin that will help protect your account from invalid clicks,

Let first identify what causes invalid clicks activities on a blog.

What Are The Causes Of Invalid Clicks Activities On A Blog?.

There are two major causes of invalid clicks activities.

  1. Self-caused
  2. You don’t have control over it this one.


Some invalid activities that occur on a blog are caused by some bloggers themselves.

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Some bloggers are so desperate to make money quickly with their account, that they get their self involved in some black hat or unethical means of inflating their Adsense Account.

They cause invalid clicks activities on their blog via the following means.

  • Begging on their family and friends to click on their ads
  • Giving of incentives to the user to click on their ads
  • Placing ads code in the format that the user will not know it’s ads
  • Involving in the clicking of their ads themselves by using different IPs addresses.

All these activities stated above violate Google Adsense policy.

So if you find yourself doing any of these, please you better stop it now, before your Adsense account will be blocked without notice.


This type of invalid activity is the type that you don’t have control over, which occurs the most.

Which includes…

  • Careless clickers.

Careless clickers are the set of people that come to your blog and begin to click on every ad that they see.

I know this because i once had my Adsense account banned, while investigation what the cause of banning my account may be, i discovered that it was due to careless clickers.

You don’t need this kind of users on your blog, because the may cause harm to your blog and get you into Adsense violation problem.

That is why you need to download, activate and set up this plugin on your blog.

What Is The Name Of This Plugin? & How To Set Them Up.

Finally, you are now on the juicy part where you will discover the name of this plugin and how to install and activate it.

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Now, straight to the point.

The name of the plugin is “Adsense Invalid Click Protector”.

AdSense Invalid Clicks Protector

This plugin will help you in protecting your Adsense account.

To download and activate this plugin, just log into your WordPress back office.

Locate plugin, and click on add new.

Once you are in the plugin directories, go to the search bar and type in “Adsense Invalid Click Protector”.

Once it appears, click on the install button and activate it.

The next thing to do is to set up the plugin.

Now click on the installed plugin, you will return back to the list of all your installed plugin.

Click on settings and a few boxes will appear for you to set up.

AdSense Invalid Clicks Protector

Set up the plugin the proper way by blocking a user that may want to be involved in invalid clicking, either knowingly or unknowingly.

Set the countries that you want user from those countries to be blocked.

Once you have finished setting up the plugin, just go, relax and sip some wine.

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Before you know that the plugin will work tirelessly to protect your Adsense account from being banned.

Wrapping up.

Be very glad if you have read every piece of this post carefully, because you can now go and continue your blogging activities with peace of mind, knowing that your Adsense account is safe.

Now your turn.

Has this article been helpful, or do you have a better way of protecting your Adsense account from Google painful ban?

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You can read out to me with your answers and questions and comment.

See you all.

Thank you for reading


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