Pinterest Traffic Avalanche: How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Blog.

Pinterest Traffic is really one of the most still untapped traffic Sources out there, which has Avalanche of mostly female buyers traffic.

Ok, you are here maybe because you’ve heard about Pinterest traffic and you want to know how effective Pinterest traffic source is and how you can use it to drive massive traffic to your blog, website, landing pages or offers to generate tons of sales and leads.

Today, i want to hold you by the hand and work you through how you can tap into the current untapped avalanche of Pinterest Buyer traffic.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest Traffic
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Pinterest is an image or visual social sharing website, which allows users to share and discover new interests by posting images or videos in the form of (pinning them on their boards).

Pinterest is not just an ordinary social visual sharing website, but Pinterest is also a visual search engine.

Pinterest traffic is most 70% of female traffic who are mostly interested in fashion, lifestyle, e-commerce, health, etc. 

But Pinterest is not limited to the Niches mentioned above, you can pin about any niche on Pinterest and still gain traffic.

Why do people use Pinterest?

Well, Pinterest is used for so many reasons, but I know for sure that one main reason users use Pinterest is to get inspiration and idea of what is trending in industries, the marketplace, and society at large.

Users basically come on Pinterest to search for purchasing ideas, when they come across a great idea (pinned image) they pin it down immediately on their board waiting till their ready to make a purchase.

That’s why Pinterest traffic is called buyer traffic.  Which is basically made up of mostly female traffic.

Now you may want to ask how can you drive this massive Pinterest Traffic to your blog and website and make good money from the traffic?


Don’t worry, I will explain in detail how you can drive tons of buyer Pinterest traffic to your blog and website to generate sales and leads.

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But before that, we need to first understand how Pinterest works first.

How does Pinterest work for business?

As i said earlier on, Pinterest is a visual or image sharing search engine.

Meaning that people come to Pinterest and types in keywords into the search bar just like google, which will, in turn, bring out the matched queries to their search terms or keywords.

There are two sets of people using Pinterest.

The first set are;

  1. Those that use it for personal use, just to get ideas or inspiration on the next birthday gift to buy for my lovely Dad, the latest trending shoes, the best weight loss supplement and so on. These sets of users do not care about the business aspect of it.
  2. While the other set of users like you and I use Pinterest for business porpuses. We use to drive quality free traffic to our blog or website.

So as an entrepreneur or a digital marketer, in other to tap into the avalanche Pinterest traffic available, you will need to first create a Pinterest Business account. 

How to use Pinterest for business and also drive tons of traffic to your blog or website?

There are they step by step guide for using Pinterest for business and to use it and drive traffic to your blog.

Step 1. Visit

Pinterest Traffic

Step 2. Create a Business account and not a personal account. 

There are two types of accounts that you can create on Pinterest.  Personal account and a Business account.

Step 3. Once you’ve created an account, you will need to head over to settings and complete your profile.

Step 4. Once your profile is completed, then you have to claim your website. Claiming your website will unlock all the features of Pinterest Trattic to you.

Step 5. Know your niche or niches and create a board for each niche where you will be pinning your pins on. You can pin about any niche on Pinterest, be it health, marketing, eCommerce and so on.

Step 6. Start creating eye-catchy visual appealing images and start pinning them on their respective boards and link them to your blog.

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What is Pinterest Pins and Boards?

Pinterest Traffic

Pinterest Pins are simply those Pinterest images or beautiful graphics created to represent and interest, idea or describe something.

While Pinterest boards are those sections where the images are pinned to and mage available for personal users to access.

So in other to start pinning great amazing images on your Pinterest board to start driving traffic to your blog, you will need to create beautiful eye-catchy images.


And to do this, you will need some graphic tools.

There are wonderful tools out there that you can use, some are free while some are paid.

But I personally recommend canva graphic too. It’s a very simple newbie-friendly tool that you can use and get the ball rolling.

So as you now know, Pinterest is also a search engine, meaning when you are about pinning your pins, make sure you use the right keywords to optimize your pins so that when people search about keywords in your niche, your pins will appear on the SERP of Pinterest.

As a beginner just getting started on Pinterest, it’s really not easy to start getting that much traffic that you desire immediately. 

Because there is a lot of work to be done at the initial stage, after which only then you can start seeing the result. You will get yourself involve with numerous activities like;

  • Creating beautiful Pinterest images.
  • Pining the images on your boards and optimizing them for search intent.
  • Following other Pinterest business users.
  • Repining other users pin so that yours will be repinned to
  • Joining other boards
  • Looking for collaboration with other board owners. Etc.

They’re just so them much to do at the beginning, but after which when you fully get the ball rolling, you will begin to start seeing the result.

But this will take time, persistent, and consistency.

But what if I show you the Sneaky simple but legitimate way that gurus use to crush Pinterest and drive thousands of target Pinterest to their blog, website, landing pages and offers in a matter of few days without going through the stress of building that Pinterest traffic manually by automating the whole process?

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How To Crush Pinterest Traffic And Start To Drive Avalanche Of Traffic To Your Blog As A Pro.

So if you want to bypass the stress involved in building up Pinterest traffic to start profiting from the world free untapped buyer’s traffic, then you need to automate the whole process.

In other to achieve this, I present to you the world’s most powerful Pinterest traffic automation tool that does all the heavy lifting for you, called PINFLUX. CHECK IT OUT HERE

Pinterest Traffic

Pinflux Automates 100% Pinterest Marketing & Makes It Hands-Free For You

How Can PINFLUX Help You Drive Massive Traffic Completely On Autopilot?

PINLUX software has been tested and proven to help drive massive traffic to a blog or website as it helps you do the whole work involve all on autopilot.


PINLUX helps you with the following…..


  • Do all work from a single interface in all accounts; meaning that with this tool, you can operate multiple accounts at the same time.
  • Do all task faster and better with automation
  • Schedule pins actions across multiple boards
  • Helps to generate 100% free social buyers Pinterest traffic
  • It has powerful keyword research technology which helps to fully optimize your pins for SEO. etc.

With this tool, driving traffic from Pinterest to your blog will be much easier than doing it manually yourself.

Wrapping Up.

As you can see, Pinterest is a huge platform to drive massive traffic to your blog, store or website.

The good news is that the platform is still fully not yet harnessed, so if you can get into it now and start getting your own share of the pie.

As a beginner, manually doing all the activities involved in building an audience on Pinterest may really be a big burden to some, which i suggests you automate the whole process and save yourself the time and stress that you will put yourself in. 

But still, if you can manually do the whole Pinterest traffic activities, why wait, go ahead and start crushing the platform immediately. 

Now is your turn, comment below and tell me if you have started exploring the Pinterest Platform to drive traffic for yourself and if you have, what was your experience like?

Thank you for reading.

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