Perfect SEO Blog post. The ultimate guide to writing one in an hour or less.

Are you thinking that writing a perfect blog post in the shortest possible time frame is a kind of magic or some kind of science? Offcourse not.

I could remember back then when I first had my first mobile phone with internet connectivity, and start browsing through the net.

Perfect SEO blog post

When I come across some headline, they are very attention grabbing and tempting to click, that I cannot help it than to click on it and land on a very long well-written post with great images and well-formatted texts.

After reading through those fancy well writing post, I go like Wowww! This Author is great, and it must has taken them ages to come up with such a masterpiece.

But one thing is certain, everything has its own key, and the same applies to write a perfect blog post. The truth is that you don’t need to be a great writer to be able to write a perfect blog post.

To keep consistently writing a blog post that engages readers in the shortest possible time is one of the major problems bloggers face.

But it doesn’t have to be so anymore, because today am going to be sharing the simple tricks that I use to throw out lots of great original post on my blog while minimizing my time.

 What are the elements that make a blog post perfect?

To have a clear understanding of how to write a perfect blog post in an hour or less, you have to first know the elements that make up a create post.

Knowing these elements helps you write a great blog post and still minimize your time. The elements are;

  • An attention-grabbing headline
  • A powerful opening or introduction
  • Use Sub-heading and bullet points
  • The Body (this is where you address the needs of your readers)
  • Great informative images
  • Conclusion.

Now that we have identified them, let us go through them one after the other.

  1. Attention-grabbing headline.

Always try to grab the attention of your readers through your headline, I can bet that you may have come across some headline that caused you so much curiosity that you can not help than to click on it to know what this folk is talking about.

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Use your headline to create curiosity, if you don’t have an idea of how to write a great headline, I advise that you spy on your competitors to see how the write theirs.

I did not ask you to go and copy their headline, all am saying is to study the pattern at which the craft out their headline that gets them so much result.

A great headline is very good for SEO, here is an example of an SEO headline.

Perfect SEO blog post

  2. A powerful opening or introduction

What this does is to huck the reader up and keep them engage with the post, which will, in turn, make them ready to stay longer wanting to get a clear picture of what the post has to offer.

In other to achieve this, start by asking a question or telling a brief story as to how what you are about sharing has helped you and will also help the reader.

  3. Make Use of Subheading and Bullet points

Many readers don’t have time to read again nowadays, what they normally do is to scan through your blog post and pick out the most important points, so the proper making use of subheading and bullets points, will give the readers a good user experience.

  4. The Boby of your post.

The body of the blog post is where you address the problem of the reader,  the body gives you more room to provide a piece of well informative and detailed information about your blog post.

You need to understand the topic that you want to write about very well, to write an awesome body post.

 5. Great informative images.

The mistake many bloggers make is to download copyrighted images from Google and other websites, using such images that are not yours or has copyrights on it will hurt your blog negatively.

There are websites where you can get free awesome images without copyrights to use on your post, even if you don’t have enough budgets to buy custom images.

  6. Conclusion

At this point, you will just summary up the whole thing into a brief conclusion and a call to action in other to persuade the readers to either drop a comment or take a particular action that you want from them.

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Knowing how to easily put the whole elements listed above together, will help you improve your skillset of writing the perfect post that your readers will love, and also help you save time to the minimum.

The Ultimate Hack That I Use In Writing My Blog Post In An Hour/ Less While Maintaining Its Quality.

Am pretty sure that you now know the important elements that make up a great post. Without any waste of time, let me show you the simple hack that I use to write my blog post in an hour or less.

For this hack to work perfectly, you will need to either install google doc on your smartphone or install the extension on chrome browser from google web store.

Now, I will be using myself as a case study. Let say that I want to write about “4 simple tricks of getting six packs in a week”.

What I first do and advise you do same is to make sure that I write a well optimize post by first conducting keyword research.

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So I either go on google keyword planner or ubersuggest and type in “How to get six packs”. But my favorite is ubersuggest, its such a powerful keyword research tool.

Perfect SEO blog post

The tool will tell you how profitable a keyword is. When I say profitable, what I mean is how well a keyword performs in terms of attracting organic traffic.

It tells you how easy or competitive a keyword is, please stay away from highly competitive keywords that is if you want to rank quickly on the search engine result page.

So now that I have my keyword, am not really a good writer, so what I do is to sneak on my competitors work to draw inspiration,

By going on the google search bar and typing in the exact topic bearing in mind our major keywords.

Next is scan through the result on google the first page, look for the one that has similar headline as mine, click on it, read everything that the author has written with the intention to understand what the topic is all about and the rewrite them.

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No! I didn’t say that you should go and copy the authors write up or worse case scenario, write it word for words. What I say is that you rewrite the content in your own words, style, uniqueness, and understanding.

One thing you most know is that there is nothing like original ideas, but there is surely original content. You can take up a gurus idea, remodel it, and make it unique.

First, you start with the introduction, making sure that your keywords “get six packs” appears in the first line of your intro, in your first subheading, in the body, and in the alt image tags.

If you are not fast in typing, you can choose the voice typing option in google docs under tools. What this does is it recognize your voice speech and translate it into text.

perfect SEO blog post

As you can see, with this hacks, you can write a perfect blog post in an hour or less. Make sure you stick to there rule. Don’t even think of copying and pasting some else work. Read the person content and rewrite it, read and rewrite. That is the name of this hack.

Wrapping up

Writing a perfect blog post is not rocket science, just a little tweak here and there will always get you a perfect masterpiece of content that you can call your own.

Remember what I said earlier, when it comes to writing a blog post that people will love and the search engine, “there is nothing like Original Idea, But there is Original Content” because the content is in another person’s tone.

Now you have it, tell me, do you find this hack difficult to work with? Or do you find it interesting to help you get a quality blog post in the shortest possible time frame?

Drop your answer in the comment box below,

Thank you for reading.

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