Answer Quora Questions And Attract Floods Of Free Traffic.

What is Quora Questions?

Have you heard of Quora Questions before? If yes, then i want to show you how to attract an avalanche of traffic to your blog by answering Quora questions.

But if you haven’t heard of Quora questions before, then this article will be very useful to you, so just stick around while i hold you by the hand and walk you through this amazing platform to get massive traffic for free.

If you are new to the internet marketing world, i know that you may be wondering what is Quora questions and how can you leverage on Quora to attract massive traffic.

I will explain everything in detail. But for you to get a full understanding of what quora question is all about, let’s take a look first at what is Quora actually all about and i will be answering those Quora related questions that I am getting from my users.

What Is Quora?

Quora is the largest Q&A (Question & Answer) platform on the web, with millions of monthly users who are coming on the platform to ask questions and get their questions answered by experts.

Quora, an American owned website was founded in June 2009, and the CEO is Adam D’Angelo. And since then, the website has turned into a powerhouse were people all around the world come to look for a solution from those who are very knowledgable in their Niche.

For years now, many smart internet marketers have benefited a lot from the website by simply providing good quality answers to a question and gaining more trust on the platform.

You can ask whatever question you like on Quora and get answers to them. The same thing applies to look for question that you are very knowledgeable in and provide a very insightful answer that actually solves that problem.


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What is Quora Questions?

Quora Questions are those questions that are being asked by users who are in need or looking for an answer from one problem to another.

On Quora website, you can find ranging from internet marketing to investments, from health to insurance, from personal finance to personal developments and the list goes on and on.

Someone once asked me why is Quora so popular?

Well, Quora is so popular because the are the first Q&A website that gains so much popularity on the internet do fast. 

And also due users normally use keyword-rich phrases to ask questions and get answers back, Google normally ranks those questions and answers on the first page for years because of the rich Keywords that are being used and the value that the answers provided in solving a particular need.

How Then Do You Leverage On Quora Questions To Attract An Avalanche Of Traffic To Your Website Or Blog?

In other to effectively leverage on Quora and get a share of the massive traffic on the site, you need to, first of all, understand how the platform work and also know that there are newbies and experts on the platform.

What is Quora Questions?

Having that at the back of your mind, what you really want to do is to go on the platform with a genuine intention to really help someone out with good valuable answers to their question.

One thing that you don’t really want to do is to start spamming on the website.

If you do that, you will lose your credibility and integrity fast because when you start spamming or using your answers to start pitching your products or service wanting to make sales or generate leads without adding any value first, The newbie will sense it and the experts will know that you really don’t have anything to offer.

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So how you gain authority on Quora is to first position yourself as an Authority and show off your expertise.

But if you go straight and start spamming and sharing your affiliate link all over the platform, no one will pay attention to you and you may even get your account banned.

You don’t really need to be an expert in other to start answering a Quora question. All you need to do is to just carry out research and make sure you give the best answer to the question.

How To Get Started On Quora?

In other to get started on Quora, you will first need to sign up for a Quora account.

Once You’ve signed up for an account on Quora, the next thing is to fill up your profile completely.

Yes, it’s very imported to complete your profile 100% so that Quora will keep on matching you with related questions that have been asked which matched with your niche.

The more question you answer, the more attention that you will be getting. Which in turn means more traffic to your blog or website.

Once you have successfully created an account on Quora and completed your profile, the next thing will be for you to start answering questions.

How can you get good questions to answer? It’s really simple. Let’s assume that you are in the weight loss niche, all you have to do is to type in your preferred keyword phrase on their search bar, all those questions related to weight loss will show up and you will see the answers of those who have done some justice to the question. 

What is Quora Questions?

How Do You Write  A Quora Questions Answer?

Writing answers on Quora is simple, all you need to do is to locate the question that you want to answer, click on the ANSWER BUTTON and start typing in your answer.

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While trying to answer a question on Quora, make sure that you understand the question well, if others have provided answers to the question, just study their answers and look to see that areas that are missing or lacking and just give yours the best shoot.

With this approach, you are positioning yourself as an authority and you will begin to get more attention from the users which will definitely result in driving good traffic to your website, offer page, blog or gig pages.


NOTE; when you come across a Quora question, make sure that you give a well-detailed length answer containing the keyword and good quality images, then you can now add the link to your website at the end of your website.

By following this approach, your answers may rank on the first page of Google, meaning more quality backlinks to your website and more traffic.

You can use this traffic source to promote affiliate offers, sell your own products or land yourself good clients that will pay you well.

Wrapping Up;

But as easy as simply as it may sound, it takes time, patient, consistence, and persistence.

In other to get the desired result, you have to keep on doing it consistently. Once you constantly start engaging in answering questions well, people will start sending you their questions directly in other for you to answer.

So be consistent, persist, be patient and watch your Quora answer traffic grow.

Now over to you, Tell me, Do you think that driving traffic from Quora is what you can do? Drop your question and answers using the comment box below.

Thank for reading.

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