What are the benefits of starting a blog in 2020

What are the benefits of starting a blog?

Is starting a blog worth it? What are the benefits of starting a blog?

 These are the common questions that most new business owners just getting started into the internet marketing world, and wanting to great brand awareness usually ask. 

In this fast jet age ever-changing economy or technology, staying updated with the new trends and techniques of getting things done fast, effectively and efficiently can never be overemphasized.

Back to the question of the benefits of having or starting a blog.

There are numerous benefits of starting a blog or incorporating a blog into your existing business, which I will be throwing more light on below.

But before then, let first know why a blog is important and why it should be a must-have tool for business and brand growth.

Over the years, things have really changed with the way people make decisions over stuff, especially when it comes to buying goods or seeking services. Technology (the internet) has really changed things drastically, making the world a global village. 

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People no longer buy stuff or Seek services blindly anymore, people now do what I called informed buying. With many blogs out there ready to provide you with quick and instant information to whatever you are looking to buy that you have no much knowledge on.

This has made the search engine to fall in love with this kind of blogs because they are updated regularly with fresh and informative contents that give people the exact information needed to make the decision on whatever they are looking for.

The era of just having a one-page static website, just to display a fraction of a business profile or portfolio is far gone, if you do that now, your business or brand is going to suffer and gradually die off slowing.

Many big companies who have realized these facts have used and are still using blogging methods to skyrocket their brand awareness and sales, and also to buy ever loyal customers. 

With all this been said, let now take a look at the various starting successful blog benefits of starting a blog for both, individual, small business owners and big firms.

What are the benefits of starting a blog?
  1. Brand awareness: 

Blogging can be a very useful tool when it comes to creating brand awareness. Why? Because with a blog, you can easily communicate with your audience in simple and in-depth terms. Give them more value by providing regular and relevant content before they even decide to do business with you, that’s why starting a blog is a must for your brand.

2. Develop and Solidify Relation with New and Existing Customer.

Blogging or starting a blog helps you to build a real relationship with a new and old customer. As you may know, doing business in this over-competitive age involves building and cultivating relationships with your customers. People now do business or buy from those that they could trust and know.

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3. Show Your Expertise and Establish Your Business As an industry leader.

Blogging is a platform that you can leverage on and showcase your business expertise by providing relevant and useful content that solves your target audience’s problems regularly. By updating your blog regularly with fresh, useful and straight to the points contents that solve a real problem, Your audience will start developing a sense of belonging which will make them fall in love with your brand and business leading to more sales and contracts.

4. Connect Your Business Or Brand To People in Need of What You Got.

Consistent Blogging helps to spread the words about your business or brand far and wide. Because the information on the blog is fresh, new and informative which usefully gets more shares across the social media outlets. This also gives the blog a Boost on search engine giving your business that free exposure and helps you save on advertising fees.

5. Helps Regular People to Earn a living from it.

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Yes, you can earn a good living through blogging, How? By searching and discovering the needs of your target audience in the selected niche you choose, and blogging about the solutions to those Needs regularly, this audience will fall in love with you and will be ready and willing to take any actions that you desire of them which will help you make some side income. It’s as simple as that.

Many started with blogging as a hobby, and from there developed it to a 6-7-8 monthly figure. But one thing is certain, you must be passionate about what you blog about, in other to provide a real solution, interesting, educating and entertaining content to your audience.

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Wrapping Up.

In a Nutshell, blogging is a platform where you build Trust, report, relationship by updating your audience in choosing Niche with the relevant information that they desire from you. 

To profit most with your blog, you must be genuinely out to help and assist people make the right decision as to what they need.

I hope that I have been able to answer the question” What are the benefits of starting a blog?”

So if you are looking at starting a blog to use and boost your business, create your brand awareness or make money from, you can get started with the blog. But bear in mind that it is an avenue for you to use and solve some real problem or provide more insight into your business or brand. 

If you are looking to set up a blog the right way, and don’t know how to go about it, or looking for someone to hire, you can Click here and hire me on fiverr.com to help you set up a professional SEO well-optimized blog for you.

Thanks for reading, please if you find this useful and interesting to you, kindly share with others and drop your question, comments or contribution below.

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