What’re The Best Ways To Sell a Product On A Blog?

The best way to sell a product on a blog is to write a very good helpful and informative review for the product, using the right keywords.

Although there are still other approaches that you can use to sell a product on your blog that I will be throwing more light in on in a while.

The best ways to selling a products on a blog

When it comes to selling a product on your blog, one major thing you should first ask yourself is, who are your ideal customers? what are they more interested in? Once you can figure this out, then you won’t find it difficult to sell a product on your blog.

There are many approaches that many are using or have used to sell a product on their blog continually. 

But the No.1 methods that I have found more effective and have proven to convert most is writing a product review.

One thing that you must understand is that gone are the days that you will just slam a link or product image in front of readers or visitors and expected them to click on the link and go straight into buying the product. 

No! It no longer works. It may have worked very well in the past, but definitely not now anymore.

But Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that other methods that I will share don’t work, the work, only if you know your audience and do it strategically.

People are no longer buying a product without being well informed about the product. People now do what I call informed buying….

Many hear of a product somewhere, they like the product and they are willing to buy, but on the other hand, they want more information about the product and how it can really benefit them in terms of solving their problems or needs.

So they conduct their due diligent research to find the most valuable information that can give more insight into the product and it’s potential.

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So if you can give them an honest insight or information about the product, not just to overemphasize the features of the product, but to make them see how the product can be of use to them.

Make them see the problem at hand, and the solution to that problem is the product without appearing selling.

People don’t like been sold to. So when taking this approach, you have to appear natural making them believe that you have their interest at heart. 

With all been said, let’s now dive into the various means you can deploy to start selling a product on your blog and start to see the result.

As I said earlier, the method that we will be looking at will depend on the kind of audience or readership on your blog. 


The best ways to selling a products on a blog
  1. Write A Product Review For The Product, To Use And Sell A Product;

This is my best way to sell a product on a blog because it works like magic. With this method, you’re just simply pre-selling them to the product, without looking Porshe or salecy.  Lol that’s my own word (salecy)

You are just making them see the problem and the solution which is the product.

This method of selling products on a blog works well for physical and digital products a lot.

 2. Product display at strategic locations on your blog To Sell a product

This method involves you displaying the product link or image at strategic locations on your blog.

You can display product at the header, footer or sidebars on your blog. This method also works for a physical or digital product.

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But it works best for contextual ads if you have careless clickers audience, those audiences who click on everything that they see just out of curiosity.

 3. Using Popup Ad display, Effective To Use And Sell A Product;

The best ways to selling a products on a blog

What is the popup ads display method? You may want to ask.

Have you ever visited a blog or website that has a popup ads form or image asking you to take some actions like to enter your email for a free gift or a coupon code or for a discount like that, at the moment that you just loaded up that blog?

Well, mostly this method is basically used to capture visitor’s email for follow up purposes.

 But this method is a killer sales strategy. Why is it a killer strategy? You may ask.

Now, why I said this method is a killer strategy is because we all know that when a visitor first lands on your blog.and go through your blog without buying anything or taking any action that will generate you money.

Once their gone, they may or may not come back again.

So, this is how this method works. Let’s say you want to promote a weight loss product on your health blog.

In other to use this Popup strategy way to sell a weight loss product, instead of just displaying a popup image or link of the product, the best way is to create a free ebook about few helpful tips to lose weight and offer for free in exchange for their email address.

Once they enter their email address to get the free gift, your autoresponder will capture their email address and start following up with the automatic.

It has been proven by marketing experts that a customer needs to get at least up to 7 messages followups for them to start having a change of mind to buy.

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The best product that you can use to give out as gifts just to get people’s email is an ebook. Now the problem is that how can I on earth get my own ebook to give out.

There are many tools or software that you can use to create your own ebook without writing a single word, how awesome is that?

My most favorite software for creating an ebook is called DIGIPROSUCTLAB. It’s really worth to check it out.

 4. Banner Display;

Depending on the kind of visitors your blog attracts, you can begin Place Banners of a product at the header, footer or side.

Some people have a very curious mindset, which will lead them to click on your Banners depending on how attractive the Banner is, and the strang call to actions used to create it. 

The list goes on and on, but for me, I will stop here.

This is the best way, methods or strategy that I know works best for me, and may also work for you to help you sell a product on your blog.

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Wrapping Up.

These methods or ways to sell products that I talked about above have proven to work for many and me inclusive. 

And I believe that any of those four methods above can help you sell a product on your blog strategically.

Now, over to you.

What methods or ways are you currently using that is working for you, that you think we should add to the list?

Drop your comment below let’s all learn new ways to sell a product on a blog. I hope this answers your question? Thank you for reading.


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