Top Affiliate Networks To Make Money For Nigerians

You are on this page because you want to know the Top Affiliate Networks that can Make You Some Serious MONEY and also be able to withdraw them right here in Nigeria.

Hold on, and keep reading because I have taken the pain to do some extensive research to come up with this list of the Top affiliate Networks anyone can join from Nigeria without being afraid of not getting paid.

Top affiliate Networks

In this Post, you will discover the Top affiliate marketing Networks to join and start making money in 2019 if you do it right with our piece of advice and tips.

Affiliated Marketing is the Easiest and the quickest way to make money online.

Why? Because you don’t have to create any products or render any services, you don’t need employees or physical offices and No any overhead expenses to start benefiting immensely with these Top Affiliate Networks

All that has been done for you be the Business owners or the Vendors. All you need to do is to position yourself in the market place as an authority in your Chosen Niche, build trust and start ranking in Serious incomes passively.

How Does Affiliate Marketing Works? In Just 4 Steps.

Before I tell you how affiliate marketing works, You may want to really know what is affiliate marketing which I have covered in the Article here. (What is Affiliate Marketing).

But for the sake of our precious time, I will Just briefly summarize how affiliate marketing works.

  • To approach affiliate marketing the right way, you will first have to choose the PLATFORM in which you are going to Use to establish yourself as an authority, Create a loyal audience or readers, build followership.
  • Now that you have Choosen a platform, the next step is to Choose A NICHE (Topics) that you are going to be talking about and Sharing valuable information to solve some problems in your Chosen Niche to the people who are in Need of them.

P.S. Make Sure that you are passionate about the Niche that you choose so that you will not run out of ideas and quite as the going gets rough.

  • This is the most important part of it that will determine the profitability of your business. You will need to Conduct some Keyword ( A group of word phrases that people type into the search engines to find a solution to their needs) Research to determine what the people in your Niche are Seeking for. This will help you create better Content for the people and the search engine, which in turn will get you more Traffic (people, buyers or loyal readers) to your Chosen platform.
  • This is the juiciest part of affiliate marketing. Choosing the right affiliate program or Networks and signing up with them, a unique link will be given to you which you will place on any Platform you Choose to go with, when any visitor clicks on the Recommended affiliate links on your Platform and make a purchase, You make a profit. That’s simple as ABC.

List of the various Platforms That you can Choose For Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Blogging/Websites.. (Highly Recommended)
  2. YouTube Channel (Recommend only if you know how to create and edit video constantly)
  3. Social media Platforms
  4. Email marketing
  5. Quora
  • Blogging/website is one of the best platforms to get your affiliate marketing business up and running for a long term business because with blogging or website you are in full control of your business. It gives you more room to create a brand and show up yourself as an authority in whatever Niche you decided to go for.
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It also builds trust because people tend to trust self-hosted blog owners. The Idea is simple, “If this Person Could Go Out Of His/Her Way To Spend Some Money Into Building A Professional Looking Blog/website Just To Provide Valuable Content, Then I Think I Can Trust Their Recommendations”.

That’s Why I advise That You Start Off Right With A well Setup Professional Looking Blog/website. Click here to discover how to get your blog set up for you Free of Charge.

  • Youtube Channel, Creating a youtube channel is another smart way to startup your affiliate marketing business. With the amount of traffic that youtube gets every minute (it’s massively crazy) creating a channel on youtube is a no brainer.

With your youtube channel, you can just review a product by recording yourself talking about the benefits, pros, and cons of the product optimize the video and add the product link  (Your affiliate link) in your description. If done right, just sit back and watch youtube do the magic by pulling sells. But you most keep posting new videos to build up your channel.

P.S. If you know that you can keep to it, by producing quality videos regularly, then stay off youtube. Or you could start outsourcing your video creation to others. Which means your money is gonna do the job.

  • Social Media (Facebook). Yes, I mention Facebook, because of its the larges Social Media on the planet and the third largest website right now. It has about 9billion users globally. So if you think that you are an influencer or you can create followership on Facebook, Then starting your affiliate marketing Via Facebook by creating a facebook fan page will really be a very profitable venture.

Buy thou, I do not recommend Using Facebook to build a sustainable business because you don’t have control over this platform. Facebook can decide to delete your fan page or banned you from using that facebook account without appeal, and you watch your effort go down the drain.

So if you must use a facebook fan page to build your affiliate business, then make sure to create a marketing sales machine to build a list of loyal buyers, readers, and followers. By so doing, you can now be fully in charge of your own business. Check out What a marketing Machine is, and how to set up one.

  • Email Marketing (Marketing Sales Machine), This is also a great way to start up an affiliate business. But this method involves you having a budget at hand to work with.

Because you will have to sign up with an email service provider that you can trust, to help build up your business.

After you have gotten an email marketing account, all you have to do is create a landing page and drive paid traffic to it. You will achieve two things with this method.

  1. You will get quick sales with paid traffic method
  2. You will build your email list fast.

This method works very well if implemented properly.

Quora; Quora, as we all know, is a question and answer website where people globally come to seek an answer to their questions. This website receives crazily amazing tons of traffic daily. So when people drop their question, you will look for the question that you are very knowledgeable about an answer, and after you finish answering a question, Quora will allow you to drop a link back to your blog or website.

So when people read your answer and are satisfied with the answer that you gave, they will click on the link you drop for more great stuff that you got. This strategy can only work if you have a blog. This Method can draw tonnes of traffic to your website if you consistently keep on doing it.

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Here Are The Top Best Affiliate Networks To Make Money From Nigeria And Withdraw them Easily.

So Now that you Know how Affiliate Marketing Works and Have a Good Idea Of the Platforms In Which you can Choose To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business. Let’s Now Jump Straight into The Best Affiliate networks that you Can SIGN UP with now and start making Real Money.

  4. JVZOO
  6. PartnerStack
  • Clickbank;

ClickBank is one of my favorite marketplaces to find a high commission affiliate product to promote, it’s one of the most popular networks for marketers in the digital niche because it allows Vendors to only list digital products on their Networks.

Thou, Clickbank has restricted People from a country like Nigeria and some few other countries from joining their Networks. But that’s not a stumbling block for you since I have created a video guide on how you can join Clickbank and start making money from their network.

So if you don’t have an account with Clickbank and you’re from Nigeria or some other blacklisted country, just follow this video guide to create yours now so that when you discover  A product with a high-profit commission on Clickbank, you can log in and start promoting the product right away.

Once you have Successfully created your account with Clickbank, you won’t have any problem with them anymore as long as you did not violate any of their policy or terms of operation. Yes, you can withdraw your Earning right here in Nigeria or any other restricted countries since Clickbank offers different payment Methods. Which are:

(a) Check (b) Direct deposit © Wire Transfer (Payoneer). Am sure that you are smiling now, Yes Payoneer is included in their means of payment for easy withdrawal. Visit here

  • Commission Junction (CJ);
Top Affiliate Networks To Make Money In Nigeria And Withdraw Them Easily

For long now, Commission Junction has been one of the most reputable Networks for Bloggers and Affiliate Marketers. They Accept People from all around the world to join their Networks.

They have been In business for quite long now, since 1998.  Their long in existence has made them the go-to marketplace for both business owners, vendors, bloggers, and affiliate marketers e.t.c.

They have tons of affiliate program listed on their Network from both companies and individuals.

So on Commission Junction, you are sure of finding whatever affiliate program that suite your Desired or chosen Niche. But, make no mistake of not fully completing your profile because, without a complete profile, Companies or Vendors that you request to join their affiliate program may not approve of you due to incomplete profile.

Commission junction don’t have any issue with making payments, they only offer two payment methods. Which are; (a) Direct bank deposit. This can be made straight into your local bank account or you make use of Payoneer. (b) Check. Which may also be “Regular shipping (at no cost)” or FedEx ($40). Which ever way you want it. visit here

  • ShareASale :
Top Affiliate Networks To Make Money In Nigeria And Withdraw Them Easily

ShareASale also falls into the list of the oldest Affiliate Network, Since 2000 when it Started its operation, it has paid out millions of dollars to its affiliate. Just like commission junction, ShareASale also has a huge list of great affiliate programs listed on their Networks to accommodate any Niche of your choice.

When you first land on ShareASale’s website, you may discover that their website is not being modern as that of the other Networks mentioned about, but you will not have problem navigation through this Network and getting to understands hoe their systems works. They try as much as possible to make it easy for their new affiliate to get started with affiliate marketing immediately.

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Once you sign up with ShareASale, you will need to give them 2-3 business working days for approval. ShareASale pays its affiliate via check and Direct deposit (Payoneer included). Visit here

Top Affiliate Networks To Make Money In Nigeria And Withdraw Them Easily

Impact Radius, recently coming into the scene of affiliate Networks is gradually becoming a fast-growing Networks or marketplace where product relating to some specific Niche like Fashion, web app, hosting services and antivirus or VPN services. I also discovered that some other companies who are not in that Niche bring in their affiliate product and list them on impact radius Network.

Well, I really don’t have much to say about their network since I have not tested them out before. So my recommendation is based on the experience of my friends who use them and that of other happy affiliates. Means of Payment Method with Impact Radius.

  1. ACH   (b) (International Bank Transfer, which attracts extra cost to you)  (c) Check. Visit here
  • PartnerStack:
Top Affiliate Networks To Make Money In Nigeria And Withdraw Them Easily

Many of you may or may not know about partnerstack, it’s a relatively new top affiliate Network. I got to know about Partnerstack just in 2016, what I like about them is the simplicity of joining their Network. So if you are in the Entrepreneurs, small businesses, hosting and other few Niche, Partnerstack will work out just well for you in finding the best program to join.

Their Method of payment is strict via PayPal, and you must have a minimum of $50 before withdrawal. This Top Affiliate Network is not favorable for people in the PayPal restricted part of the world. Because it will be almost impossible to withdraw your earnings. Visit here

  • JVZOO:
Top Affiliate Networks To Make Money In Nigeria And Withdraw Them Easily

Jvzoo has also amounted my Top affiliate Network list, started since six year ago and its becoming a fast growing marketplace, with the award winning “Named as one of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America for 2016 and 2017”.

Jvzoo just like Clickbank is a marketplace to find high commission digital product to promote. Their platform is very user friendly, making it easy for anyone to sign up and get started immediately.

Once thing that I love about this Top Network is that, when you sign up and join their Network, the system follows you up immediately with useful information that will help you get off the ground and get started, that even a Newbie can find their way around the Network themseives.

suggested: How To Receive Money Online In Nigeria With Payoneer Card.

The downside of Jvzoo is in their Method of payments, the only have two payments methods which are; (a) Paypal   (b) Check by postal Mail.

So if you know that their payment methods is not a problem to you, then i strongly advice you to go create and account with them search for the Top selling product and begin promoting them the right way. Visit here


This are the list of hand picked Top affiliate Networks, strongly recommended by me based on their Authority, quality of service, users and my own personal experiances.

If you are a digital marketer, you wont be wrong in joining any of those list of recommended Top affiliate Networks listed above. Because you will definately find the perfect affiliate program or product to join and promote based your Niche.

So carefully go through the list above and choice the Top Networks that works best for you, having your Niche and their method of payment in consideration.

Now, Over to You.

Tell me, which Network do you like working with the most? Or which Network are you currently with that you think people should check out. Drop your answers in the comment box below, Thank you for Reading.

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