What is SEO and How it works?

#what is SEO

What is SEO actually and how does it work? this is a very broad question, but I will try to answer it to the best of my ability.

When getting started in your Content marketing, blogging, and any other thing you do on the internet and you need a large targeted Audience Outreach from the search engines for free.

That is where SEO comes to play. Do not be intimidated when you hear of Such terms, because this is not something that Only the gurus can do.

All you just Need is the basic or rather fundamental skills and Knowledge of SEO to get you off the ground and you will be definitely fine.

When I first got started blogging, hearing about terms like SEO, On-page, off-page, backlinking and all sort of stuff.

The whole thing got me very scared, intimidating, and above all confusing about how to Assimilate everything at the same time.

That was the major mistake I made, instead of taking them one after the other. Well, I learned my lesson the hard way.

The Term SEO is Simply an Abbreviation of (Search Engines Optimization).

Search engine optimization means, optimizing your Content, website, blogs and online assets for Search Indexing.

Even though you have Zero experience in Search Engine Optimization SEO, you can still start making some positive SEO changes and impact on your website, blog, content or marketing brand that will improve your search engine’s ranking.

I usually get this One Million dollar industry Questions, “what is SEO”, how does it work? what are the basic Skills that I need to become knowledgeable about?

So in this article, I have decided to do some Justice to this almighty question.

I will be covering what is SEO and how it works, the basics of SEO. So that you will have a better understanding of how the whole things works and you will be in the position to use these skills to reposition your business.

So if you are here, No Need to keep wondering what SEO means, just relax and take a dip breath while we dig deeper.

What is SEO, And How Does It Work?

As I said earlier, SEO is just an Abbreviation for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, which is an act of optimizing a website, blog or content for to organic or free traffic from search engine result pages.

#what is SEO

What this means is that, you will have to start making some changes to the website design, content and utmost performance for the search engine’s to love and get their attention.

You need to intentionally, or rather practically perform this act consistently in other for the Search engine to display your website, blog, and content on the top page of search engine’s result.

Even though search engine can really become very tedious and complex when it comes to the various factors that impact your website rankings on search engine’s, the basic processes needed is not as difficult to understand at all.

Most search engine’s want to provide the best services for their users, which then mean that they want to deliver search results that are not only of high quality but also of relevance to their users.

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In order to achieve this, search engines will scan or crawl billions of different website or blogs to better them understand what those websites are is all about. This process enables them to bring out the most relevant result to the users searching for some certain Topics or Keywords.

In the same order, the search engine’s will scan on the website to know how easy it is to navigate and read. Thereby rewarding those that their website is User- Friendly by ranking them high on the search engine’s result page.

Every Organization goes through the process of SEO to help their website rank high in search engines for relevant keyword or phrases.

Now let’s say, you wrote a blog post about “ fish farming” for your blog post to get in front of the right people, you will have to optimize your blog post so that it will have to show up as a top result to those who search or type in the keywords or phrases “fish farming”.

SEO comes with many benefits for your business, just by improving your SEO, you can increase the visibility of your website on the search engine.

By so doing, it will help you reach out to more targeted customers ready to buy or do business with you. By developing or creating more SEO rich and engaging content, you will increase the chances of your websites bringing in more targeted organic Traffic.

The Major Factors That Impact SEO You Need To Pay Attention To.

At this point, am sure you now have a clear picture of what SEO means, and how it works. So now let’s take some close look into the factors major factors that can impact on your search engine optimization rankings.

Google, the major Search engine will never give out exact algorithms that they use in ranking websites.

Nevertheless, we have some go understanding of the major factors that impact the search engine result page (SERPs) ranking.

Basically, there is two major factor that we are going to be discussing below.

#On-page optimization

#Off-page optimization

But before we dive into on and off page SEO, I want to use to first talk about this Most important element in SEO which is:

Content Marketing

Content is like the magnet that attracts both search engine’s and Visitors to your site, and also help them build connections with those visitors.

Which then means, the more high-quality contents or articles you have on your site, the more you attract the attention of Search engine towards ranking your site high on search engine result page.

And also, the more quality and engaging content you have on your blog or website, the more time visitors will spend on your site, and maybe that will lead to the visitors taking some action that you desire on your site or making a purchase.

To achieve this, you have to create a variety of well written and relevant contents for both the search engine and human visitors coming to your site will love.

You May be Asking what are the types of Content that I need to create that both Human and the Search engine will love and improve my search engine ranking result page.

 Here are a few examples that you can focus on.

  • Social Media content
  • Blog post and Articles
  • Ebooks
  • Tutorials
  • Videos and recordings content (Podcasting or Blogging)
  • Visual contents ( infographics and images)

When creating any types of contents mentioned above for your site, another important thing to bear in mind is SEO Keywords and phrases.

What is SEO

What Are SEO Keyword and Phrases?

SEO keyword and phrases are relevant words Users type into the search engine’s

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To get information or answer to a problem, products or services.

When you create content based around these keywords and phrases, you improve your chances of getting your site rank higher on the search engine’s result page.

Another factor that can improve your Content and your site ranking is fresh content. How often your organization adds fresh content to your site will immensely impact the search engine ranking.

But Note that only adding new content regularly is still not enough, but also updating the old once by adding relevant information and statistics and removing the un-relevant and outdated pieces of information on your site.

I know is difficult and needs resources to create fresh and update old contents regularly. But actually, in the end, it really pays off. Because the search engines love quality contents and so is the same to your consumers, it helps them to better understand the value your organization can offer them.

#On-page SEO

On-page SEO factor is those elements that you intentionally making use of them in other to improve your Content for search engine result page. In other words, on-page SEO are things that you have control over and can keep working on them over time by following the SEO best practices.

#what is SEO

These are a Few On-page SEO factors that can go a long way in improving your Search ranking.

  • Title Tag;

The title tag tells the search engine what your site is all about, it is advisable that your title tag shouldn’t be more than 70 -72 characters long or less. Which will include your major keywords, the focus of your content and your business name?

  • Meta description;

The Meta description on your site brief the search engine about what is on your page and also gives visitors an idea of what the should expect when the click and land on your page. These should also include your major keywords, and also enough details to help the user determine if your pages contain the relevant information that they need.

  • Sub-heading;

Sub-heading is very essential because it makes the content easier for your visitors to read and on the other hand, it also helps improve your site SEO. Making use of H1, H2, H3 make the search engines understand better what your site content is all about.

  • Internal links:

Internal link or hyperlinks also help the search engine understand better what the content on your site is all about.

What is internal linking you may ask?

Internal linking refers to linking to other pages on a particular page for references Purpose.

  • Alt tag and image name:

Including your relevant keywords or phrase into your image name and Alt tags,

Will help search engine to better index your images so that when the user performs image search using your keywords on the search engine, your images will appear on the search engine result page.

And one makes key Note to bear in mind is when performing SEO on your pages or Contents, try as much as possible to avoid over – optimization or Keyword stuffing. Search engine hates this act, and will definitely penalize your site for that. Make sure that you use the free online keyword tool to check your contents keywords density.

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And you will also have to put into consideration how mobile-friendly your site is because the numbers of mobile users global greatly increase at a very fast rate. Many users love to search for information quickly and faster using their mobile. So if you don’t want to lose out of the tons of mobile traffic that your site may attract, then you have to make your site mobile friendly.

#what is SEO

The page speed of your site is also another important factor that search engine look out for, how fast do your site loads. How many seconds or minute do users loading your page have to wait before your page loads. The faster your site pages loads, the better reward you will get from the search engine and in return, it means more traffic.

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Off-page SEO…

While discussing the on-page SEO optimization factor that you have full control over, Off-page SEO is another factor that can Impact your ranking.

Unlike On-page SEO factors that you have full control over, the case is different with the off-page SEO factors. You don’t have direct control over this off-page SEO factors. But there is the way that you can also have these factors work out for you.

There are a few off-page factors that can impact the ranking of your site.

Trust –Your site trust is really becoming a factor to your site rankings. This is how Google can know if you have a legit site that visitors can trust. So the Solution to this is by building quality backlink from sites that have Authority. Maybe by guest posting or by buying real quality backlinks.

Links-  one of the major means of building off-page SEO is via backlinks. When trying to build your backlinks, you may want to be very careful because spamming and dropping your links on other people site will quickly draw the attention of search engine towards your actions which may lead to banning your site from search engine. Instead, take out your time to a developed relationship with influencers who create quality content and will be willing to link back to you in their contents.

Social- Another off-page SEO factors are Social presence, when I say social presence I mean like his many like or share do your contents receives. So it all lies in the quality of your content because the more quality contents you create, the more chances of getting people to share your content with others.

Although you do not have the full control over what happens off your site, So the only way your site can benefit immensely with the off-page SEO is just by creating high-quality contents that people will find valuable and love.


So after learning what is SEO and how it works, am sure that you can now start working on your site to making changes that will help boost your site SEO ranking on the search engine result page.

Remember, that even though it’s difficult to implement all the SEO factors altogether, I advise you take them one after the other so that you will avoid the mistake that I did by trying to catch up with everything at once.

The most important thing that you need to be doing is to focus on creating high-value content that is relevant to your intended audience.

Now Over To you.

Tell me something new that you have learned in this post, or do you think there is something missing in this post? Let me know by dropping them in the comment box below.

      Thank you for reading.


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