what’s affiliate marketing for beginners?

Affiliate marketing as the Names implies simple means The partnership between A company or a vendor and a business owner or individual in a business transaction whereby the Affiliate brings in Sales to the company by promoting the companies products and service and earning a reward in return (Commission).

To put it in a more formal definition, it is simply a performance-based kind of marketing, which involves A business owner, an entrepreneur, or a regular individual like you and me Promoting the products or Services of a good Company that Offers high quality products or Services that meets the demand of the people or solves the problems of the populace’s and earning a commission in the process.

What is Affiliate marketing for Beginners? #affiliate #clickbank #affiliatenetworks
Affiliate Marketing Can Make You Rich Overnight If Done Well

A Brief history Into How This Form Of Doing Business Started.

Affiliate marketing has been long in existences than we could imagine even before the invent of the internet. This form of marketing has always been practiced in our traditional bricks and mortar business, including in our large open markets where A company or big business owners will reward individuals or their customers for bringing in new referrals to their business.

But everything changes to a more newer and advanced level of marketing.

The existence of the internet now changed everything and make this Model of marketing more exciting, interesting and advanced. Who could ever imagine doing business and reaching a more lot of potential clients, customers, and peoples ready to do business with you across the globe, breaking bearers of geographical region and reach?

Amazon was the first Company to introduce the first ever affiliate marketing program on the internet to the people known as Associate Program.

Launched in 1996, which allows people to come and sign up for their associate program and a unique link will be given to them to place on their website, when a Visitor comes on their website and click on the link, which takes them to the Amazon product page and when the purchased a product the associate makes profit.

What is Affiliate marketing for Beginners? #affiliate #clickbank #affiliatenetworks
Amazon Affiliate Associate

While Clickbank and Commission Junction Became the First Affiliate Network Ever in 1998. The became the major players in the game allowing other business owners or Vendors to come and sell on their platform.

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Thou, the Vendors pay some fee to have their product listed on this Networks while the allow people like you and me to come to sign up on their network, pick up our unique links and promote the products of this vendors and earn some few commissions in return for helping to facilitate the process.

This Business model has Come to stay and it will continue to be in existence as long as the Human race still exist.

Many common and average individuals like you and I with no exceptional traits or Skills have become Millionaires just by mastering this systematic Model of doing business.

Why Businesses Use This Form Of Marketing Strategy ?

  • Sales: >>>   Many Companies have come to realize how powerful This business Model is and how it could significantly increase their overall sales Exponentially in the shortest possible time.
  • So they are ready to pay you and I Some cut of their sales for which motivates the individual to keep pushing their products or service harder into the market.
  • Cost-Effectiveness:>>>>  It’s very Cost effective for a company or Vendor to pay individuals to promote their products than paying millions of dollars to To advertising Agencies or Medias yearly.
  • Brand Awareness: It’s only makes some sense for a company starting off the ground with no big budgets to spend on various advertising channels and want to create their brand awareness to deploy the affiliates marketing Model and allow different individuals from all around the world push their product or service across the globe straight down to the end users, by so doing gaining momentum for the companies brand.
  • The “Industry” Is Growing Very Fast: With the rate that the industry is growing at a faster lane, any company that does not take advantage of this business model will slowly die off the ground. Because people now do what is called informed buying, which means they buy from whom they trust the most. And expert marketers build trust with their Audience.

Benefit Of Becoming An Affiliate Marketer.

It feels good to become an affiliate marketer because if the Numerous life Changing Benefits attached to it.

  1. Financial Freedom: Becoming an Affiliates will definitely guarantee you financial freedom. Why because you know that you are into a multi-billion dollar business and that will keep generating that desired income that you won’t need always.
  2. Lifestyle: Mastering the act of promoting products will open the door to living the kind of lifestyle that you didn’t even expect. Imagine Different Companies sending you paychecks every week or monthly by just working 2-4 hours saying from your home. How great does that feel? Ooooh! it doesn’t Sound great to you?. Well, it’s awesome for me because I have started seeing myself living the kind of life I never imagined living LOLs.
  3. Becoming Your Own Boss; When you get to understand the nitty gritty of this business Model, you will definitely quite that terrible Job that you are into and sack your Boss LOLs. Because With this business Model, you are into business for your self alone and No one is going to be telling you what to do and what not to do.
  4. Working From Home: You doesn’t need an Office or the warehouse before they can start promoting products and generating sales and commission. Why because they don’t have to produce a single product, have employees, Rent out a physical office and so much more. The Companies or Vendors have taken care of that for you. All you need is a website or blog like this one you are onto now that allows you to create an audience that you and sees you as an authority in the field you are talking about. So you can simply work from home or anywhere you go with your laptop or any device giving you the chance to leave the dot com or a laptop lifestyle.
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How Does Affiliate Marketing Works??

This Is the part that most newbies want to know more about because I usually get questions like how does affiliate marketing works for beginners, how can I become an affiliate marketer or how can I get started.

Now before I briefly talk about how this business works, I will like to, first of all, let you know that this business Model is not a get rich quick scheme. Over the years, Some unethical online marketer that calls themselves Gurus have Painted the picture of “Affiliate marking is so EASY that you will make millions In Your First Day” and keep showing off some photoshopped screenshot of fake earning just to take the little that you have away from you.

There are two basic approaches that you can take in starting out your affiliate marketing Venture.

  1. Is what I call “The Fast Track (short term) Method”
  2. The second one is “ The longterm Method”
  • The Fast Track approach toward affiliate marketing involves You signing Up with An Affiliate Network Like Clickbank, Commission Junction (CJ) and even Amazon. A unique tracking link will

Be assigned to you, you copy that and start sending Traffic to the landing page of the product

I highly do not recommend this taking this approach because, in the end, you will definitely not

Get sales, frustration will set in and the next thing is to get up.

You know why its so? Because you are not providing any value to the people or the market. You

Are just after making some quick bucks off the people.

  • While for the longterm approach involves you Carrying out some market research to find out what problem that people are currently facing, once you identify one, you create a content to provide a solution to that problem, then you find a product that can solve the problem that you have just created a content for and recommend it to the people.
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That’s it.  with this approach, you are positioning yourself as an authority and people will trust you and buy whatever you ask them to buy because you have given out value.

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This is the best long-term approach that will pay you for a very long term, make you very rich and provide that financial freedom that you crave for.

The platform that you can use to create a longterm affiliate business that will keep on paying you for the longterm involves.

  • Blogging
  • Youtubing (creating videos and posting them on your youtube channel, this approach works magic like blogging)
  • Email Marketing ( Creating an email list. It’s very rewarding)
  • Social media Channels
  • Quora.


Affiliate marketing can be very rewarding for those who want a second source of income, for those who desire financial freedom and for those who will like to become their own Boss to work from home and spend more time with their Kids.

It all lies down to providing value to the people what can you help someone solve, which tips can you give out to people that will help them out of a challenge, then after giving out the tips find a product of value and recommend, that is it.

So there you have it, Are you excited about the opportunity of making more money with affiliate marketing?   Just Drop your comment below let me know how I can be of help to you to get started the right way.


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